Top 10 Best Guns in Battlefield 5

DICE were gratious enough to allow any player to enter the Battlefield 5 Beta. Precious feedback is needed and oh boy was it provided. The beta has been interesting, to say the least. Some serious design choices have turned a huge portion of Battlefield veterans away but it’s still a while until release!

I’ve been smashing the beta, learning all guns that are available to me. I have to say, the gunplay is incredible, especially sniping. Scoping out the available weapons will give me an edge come October, when the full game is released.

I’ll help pass on my knowledge, showing you the 10 best guns in the game (so far!). Utilising this list, you’ll know exactly which guns to go for when you pick the game up. Early levels don’t need to be a chore!


10. M1A1 Carbine

M1A1 Carbine, one of the best guns in Battlefield 5

Thanks to the naturally low fire-rate of weapons in Battlefield 5, semi-automatic weapons are actually viable in this game. Not just for long range firefights, guns like the M1A1 Carbine are great at close range too. A massive fire-rate of 450 is almost as much as some LMGs and even SMGs, yet it has considerably accuracy too.

With such power comes reduced damage when your shots do land on an enemy, the M1A1 feels pretty good right now but if it ever got buffed, it’d be broken for sure.

Class: Assault

Class Rank Requirement: 6


9. Gewehr 43

Gewehr 43, one of the best guns in Battlefield 5

The Gewehr 43 has less ammo before reloading, as well as a tiny fire-rate compared to the previous entry. Such high damage makes all the difference though, especially at longer ranges. Being more competent in the preferred situations for a semi-automatic rifle gives the Gewehr an edge over the M1A1 Carbine.

Consider attaching a medium scope to this weapon for easy counter-sniping, the hip fire accuracy is good enough to compensate if you’re surprised by a confrontation.

Class: Assault

Class Rank Requirement: 3


8. Turner SMLE

Turner SMLE, one of the best guns in Battlefield 5

Of all the semi-automatic weapons available for the assault class, the Turner SMLE version is the best overall. Both of the previous entries are great guns, this entry is slightly better due to its more rounded stats.

Sacrificing a bit of damage for reduced recoil and a slightly higher rate of fire, this British weapon should perform considerably in all situations a semi-automatic weapon should perform in, plus more!

Class: Assault

Class Rank Requirement: 10


7. KE7

KE7 LMG, one of the best guns in Battlefield 5

In previous Battlefield games and first person shooters in general, Light Machine Guns tend to be way too slow and bulky to use. In Battlefield 5, LMGs are a lot smaller, yet they don’t lack as much power.

Reduced ammo clip sizes are justified by increases to damage, accuracy and recoil. Slow fire-rates barely make a difference in this game, as most weapons are either semi-automatic or automatic with a low fire-rate themselves, even SMGs.

Treat it like an assault rifle basically, a low ammo count isn’t worth wasting bullets with.

Class: Support

Class Rank Requirement: None


6. M30 Drilling

M30 Drilling, one of the best guns in Battlefield 5

Currently the only shotgun available, the M30 Drilling is unique in the fact it can work as a long range rifle too. That’s right, changing your fire mode will switch from your typical buckshot to a rifle round. It sounds gimmicky but it’s actually useful, many times you’ll find a static, camping enemy at long range but you have nothing to reliable kill them with, you now have that option.

As expected, the M30 is insane at close rangers too, one-shotting enemies with a good degree of accuracy. Only use its secondary fire mode when you have no options though, as it only fires once before a long reload.

Class: Support

Class Rank Requirement: 10


5. Suomi KP/-31

Suomi KP/-31, one of the best guns in Battlefield 5

Sporting the highest fire rate of any weapon in the game (so far), the Suomi KP/-31 melts at close range. I’ve noticed a lot of players calling this the PPSH, in fact this gun is Finnish rather than Russian, they do look similar though. With a 20 round magazine, that 770 RPM empties your clip quickly. I guarantee we’ll see a drum clip attachment in the full release of Battlefield 5.

Mastering this weapon is no easy feat, as it kicks like a mule and every shot needs to count. Expect it to rise up this list as soon as more attachments are revealed!

Class: Medic

Class Rank Requirement: 3


4. Bren Gun

Bren Gun, one of the best guns in Battlefield 5

The Bren Gun is simply an upgrade over the KE7, which is a great gun itself. Boasting slightly higher accuracy, larger ammo magazines and little bit more manageable recoil, this gun is one of the best LMGs available.

Almost every player loves the aesthetics of the Bren Gun, as its one of the most recognisable from World War 2. Make sure you use a reflex sight as soon as possible though, the iron sights are pretty horrific to use.

Class: Support

Class Rank Requirement: 3


3. ZH-29

ZH-29, one of the best guns in Battlefield 5

While the ZH-29 exists, all other Recon rifles are irrelevant. All bolt-action rifles are extremely powerful, eliminating targets upon shooting their head, and taking 2 body shots to kill. Fire-rates and magazine sizes differentiate each bolt-action rifle.

However, the ZH-29 retains the damage values of bolt-action rifles but it has a semi-automatic receiver, drastically increasing the fire-rate. At medium to long ranges, it seems no other gun can reward accuracy like this Recon rifle.

Class: Recon

Class Rank Requirement: 3


2. STG44

STG-44, one of the best guns in Battlefield 5

Considered by many to be the most effective weapon overall, the STG-44 is a great assault rifle with a ton of versatility. Capable of excelling in all situations, this German weapon offers low, predictable recoil backed by high damage. Taking enemies down from even long ranges isn’t an issue with this gun and it can hold its own in close quarters.

Such flexibility has made it a community favorite already, with many calling for some major weapon balance on DICE’s part!

Class: Assault

Class Rank Requirement: None


1. FG42

FG42, the best gun in Battlefield 5!

I mentioned the fact LMGs are performing well in this game because their cumbersome and slow firing nature is less vulnerable. The FG42 has a huge fire-rate, reducing its weaknesses to almost nothing. A low ammo count of 20 means you need a lot more skill to be successful but in terms of the gun itself, no other weapon will earn you as many kills!

Keep checking out this list every now and again though, no doubt DICE will nerf this weapon in anticipation of it owning the game on release.

Class: Support

Class Rank Requirement: 6

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