Top 10 Best Game of Thrones Season 7 Moments

Season 7 was yet another amazing season in Game of Thrones. While some may argue the pacing was a bit too much, this is necessary to get the show ended at an appropriate time. Besides, the army of the dead had to come south eventually, another season or two would have us wondering “what are they even doing?!”. We’ve seen plenty of storylines come to conclusions, seen our favorite characters become even more awesome and witness some epic action as well.

This season was definitely a great one but now that it’s over, we can look back at the greatest moments. Of course, this list will be opinionated but I’m sure most people will agree the rankings are correct!


10. Seeing Casterly Rock & Highgarden

We’ve heard about these two great castles for many years but their appearance had remained to be seen. Casterly Rock & Highgarden were both treated to us in season 7, Casterly Rock was particularly awesome. Highgarden was a bit of a disappointment, sure it’s a decent castle but the heart of the Reach? It didn’t live up to expectations. Although we did only get a few glimpses so HBO probably thought there’s no point putting too much budget into it.


9. Jon bends the knee

I genuinely thought the “Jon teams up with Dany” thing would be a bit too obvious, I was surprised when I saw Jon name Daenerys his Queen. I mean, she did just save his life and risked everything for a few loyal followers so it’s understandable. After thinking about it, Jon never wanted to be King in the North so it makes sense for him to serve as Warden and let Daenerys rule the kingdoms. This moment was pivotal for the plot of both season 7 and the upcoming season 8.


8. Extinction of House Frey

Walder Frey’s death in season 6 was very, very welcome. Thankfully it was Arya who took him out too, I thought she’d leave the Twins after that. So when it showed him and all his relatives in his hall at the start of the season, I was surprised for a few moments before I realised. The extinction of House Frey has been coming for a long time and it was incredible to finally see it.


7. Littlefinger’s demise

Lord Petry Baelish has been pulling the strings down south for almost the entirety of his story in Game of Thrones but when he travels North, he doesn’t quite realise the differences between both polar regions. The North are not so politically inclined like those in King’s Landing, there’s more honor and loyalty. Littlefinger is a mastermind though, if not for Bran and his powers we’d likely have seen Sansa and Arya fall out even further.


6. Arya spars with Brienne

The showrunners must have thought “we need Arya to fight someone to show Sansa and the audience how badass she is”, what a choice they made. Despite it only being a spar match, both fighters showed great capabilities against eachother, it’d be interesting to see how a fight to the death would turn out. We were shown how the Braavosi fighting style was relatively unknown to Brienne of Tarth, making Arya one of the most devastating swordsman in the seven kingdoms!


5. The gathering

We were all waiting for it, the epic meeting between most of the major characters. The scenes were tense, I bet you didn’t move at all while watching it. The re-union of Sandor Clegane and Brienne of Tarth in particular was heart warming. It’s a pity how it turned out though, would have been awesome to see Cersei actually join sides with Dany & jon but this is Game of Thrones, such a fairytale will never happen.


4. Loot train battle

Built-up perfectly, the loot train attack was arguably the greatest battle sequence in Game of Thrones history. We finally saw a horde of Dothraki screamers charge towards a Westerosi army, who they carved through like a piece of cake. The entrance of Dany riding Drogon was glorious, you knew it was going to be a slaughter from that point on.

The best part of this sequence was the directing, showrunners were right to give the Lannister perspective, fans all over the world were declaring Dany the “bad-guy” after this episode.


3. Viserion’s death

Lets be honest, the dragons had to face some real danger at some point. The loot train attack showed us they can be hurt but after Drogon took a huge scorpion bolt the chest and survived, I was under the impression they had immense plot armor. Little did I realise it was all a ruse, one of the dragons would die in a later episode and it was Viserion.

The saddest part about the choice of dragon to die was Viserion’s personality, he was the more timid of the three and didn’t deserve what happened to him 🙁


2. Aegon Targaryen

We found out Jon’s true parentage in season 6, which was an utterly amazing scene that flipped the table over. Then we find out, from Gilly of all people, that Rhaegar Targaryen and his mother, Lyanna Stark, were actually married. This is later confirmed by one of Bran’s visions, as is Jon Snow’s real name “Aegon Targaryen”. Such news is so damn massive for the entire story-line, not just the current one but all since the Tourney at Harrenhal.


1. The wall falls

The penultimate moment of season 7 was also the last scene, the wall finally goes down after standing for centuries. Eastwatch-by-the-sea goes down with it too unfortunately, along with hundreds of free folk and men of the watch. The entire build-up was insanely tense, the part where you see the white walker emerge from the forest is one of the most chilling in Game of Thrones history. The Night King rides undead Viserion and his army follow, Westeros is not prepared for this at all.

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