Top 10 Best Caustic Skins in Apex Legends

Of all characters available, few are as unique as Caustic. Arguably the most badass of all, he loves death and seeks to become the biggest edge-lord in existence. The only problem with him is his size, making it easy for enemies, particularly those with shotguns, to hit him.

Despite his huge hit-box, Caustic still remains one of the most fun legends to play. His unique traps and ultimate all combine into a deceptive, tricky play-style that requires more strategy than other legends. If you’re planning on spreading your Noxious Gas everywhere, you need to look the part while doing so.

I’ve chosen the 10 best skins available to Caustic in Apex Legends. These skins not only look awesome, but they’re ranked in a way that fits Caustic’s thematic and play-style.


10. Fiber Optics

Being the first Epic level skin on this list, Fiber Optics has an appealing dark blue colour, off-set by a light blue slightly lightning-like animation going over it.

The reason it’s only ranked 9th is possibly due to a visual bug, as the animations are quite rare (2 seconds or so in-between each one) and don’t cover much of his body. So it does kind of look like a Rare level skin which is a shame.


9. Heat Sync

Heat Sync works surprisingly well with Caustic’s model, with dark orange dots surrounding the entirety of the skin that isn’t coloured dark orange itself. I’m not the biggest fan of this skin on other legends but on Caustic, it can be considered a nice skin.


8. Neural Net

Offering a more futiristic appearance, Neural Net has a collection of blue dots that protrude down Caustic’s model as an animation. The teal blue colour does go away from Caustic’s main thematic but it also provides a unique look that might appeal to you!


7. Daemon Hunter

I’m using this one right now as I think the blood red colour and triangular patterns work perfect with Caustic’s theme. The most menacing appearing Epic level skin available to Caustic, you’ll look intimidating while you’re terrorising the island!


6. Illegal Operation

Unique to Caustic, the Illegal Operation skin replaces the Hack the System skin-line that every other legend has available to them. Featuring a new animation that resembles a cloud of green gas, if not for the Legendary skins having such good unique models, this skin would certainly be first on this list!


5. Divine Right

Appearing like some kind of silent monk, the Divine Right skin gives us a unique take that hasn’t been seen on any other legend. A piece of cloth wrapped round his head will cover his eyes, giving an intimidating look. The rest of the colours and model seem to be inspired by a Holy Knight fantasy!


4. Philosopher’s Stone

In terms of the model, this skin is exceptional with a woolly undercoat and plenty of clothing over it. Additionally, that mask is so damn awesome its hard not to love it. Unfortunately, at least for me, that hair colour choice is bizarre and really looks out of place. The charcater model is great though, there’s a better coloured version further down the list!


3. Sixth Sense

Very similar to the 4th entry on this list, Sixth Sense gives him a normal hair colour but retains the awesome cloth over the eyes. A darker shade of colours helps to resonate with his theme more as well, both are good options but this one is slightly more truthful to Caustic’s theme.


2. The Trophy Hunter

Offering a yin to Blackheart’s Yang, Trophy Hunter is a bright white version that’s incredibly unique. To unlock this skin, you needed to own Blackheart and fork out 6500 legend tokens. It’s not currently available. If you acquired it though, you have a tough choice on your hands when it comes to which skin to use!


1. Blackheart

In terms of a skin fitting a theme, Blackheart is arguably the best in the entire game. Caustic’s base skin is pretty badass on its own, but optimised with a golden mask and black clothing, it’s even better. You’ll stand out like a sore thumb with how shiny the mask is but its worth it. Blackheart is easily the best Caustic skin in Apex Legends!

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