Top 10 Best Bloodhound Skins in Apex Legends

It’s fair to say Bloodhound is the most unique legend available, both in appearance and abilities. Wearing a full body suit, including a mask/helmet, his model allows for some epic skins. Players love Bloodhound for his ultimate ability, which massively increases his movement speed and grants extra hunting capabilities. Able to track enemies whereabouts, using his passive alongside good communication with squad mates is preferential.

If you’ve played him, you know just how badass he is. Everything from his thematic to his voice-lines, equipping a good skin makes a huge difference regarding how epic he is. Choosing one is tough considering how many there are, so I’ve ranked the 10 best skins available to Bloodhound!

10. Warlord

Warlord fits Bloodhound more than any other legend, providing an intimidating look for enemies to fear while you’re executing them. The only Rare level skin on this list, you can craft it for a measly 60 crafting metals. Definitely get this one first if you plan on maining him then save up for higher skins on this list.

9. Heat Sync

In addition to a dark orange colour, the Heat Sync skin provides a nice dotted animation that looks pretty sweet alongside his character model. I’m personally not the biggest fan of the colour but the animation makes up for it.

8. Fiber Optics

It’s a pity there’s no water/arctic based locations on the Apex Legends map, as hunting in those areas would feel epic with this skin.

Featuring a dark blue colour with a relatively simple but cool animation, Bloodhound looks like some kind of ninja and hunter hybrid!

7. Neural Net

Like Fiber Optics, any kind of blue looks great on Bloodhound. Neural Net is the better of the two, providing a more high-tech appearance in both colour and animation.

The teal colour is a bit off from his thematic but going after a different theme instead of enhancing the original is a cool way to play.

6. Glowing Viral

Unique to Bloodhound in place of the Daemon Hunter skin-line, Glowing Viral adds a maroon paint job to his kit, with a bright red animation working all over. As mentioned before, any kind of red works well for his hunter theme. This one has the perfect shade of red to compliment his blood-lust.

5. Hack the System

Hack the System provides a dark green colour, further enhancing Bloodhound’s tracking thematic. You also get a nice green animation running over the skin, which is a nice little bonus. With Bloodhound’s model, this skin actually provides a bit of camouflage in woodland based parts of the map!

4. Imperial Warrior

Inspired by Japanese samurai, the Imperial Warrior skin is incredibly unique and fits Bloodhound perfectly. The only quip I have with it over other Legendary level skins is the colours, which take away from Bloodhound’s hunter thematic a bit.

3. Runekeeper

That mask is amazing, the Runekeeper skin boasts epic armour across his upper body with both dark and light orange colours. It seems like it has a mix of ancient Japanese warriors included too, which is a nice middle ground and certainly unique.

2. Royal Guard

Taking the Imperial Warrior skin and adding a touch of red makes a huge difference. This model is exceptional, looking intimidating while retaining Bloodhound’s hunter thematic.

No other skin available to this legend will make you stand out more so if you like being noticed, Royal Guard is for you!

1. Plague Doctor

Based off of the real Plague Doctor, this creepy skin looks so damn awesome it had to be first. The previous skins are great but this one is on another level. Jet black colours make it so appealing, any enemy you come across will know you’re the real deal!

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