Top 10 Best Bangalore Skins in Apex Legends

Considered by many to be one of, if not the best legend in the game, Bangalore is a monstrous character. An ability set like no other, her passive grants a huge movement speed boost while under fire. She also has a smoke grenade at her disposal, which has a large variety of uses both offensively and defensively. Bangalore’s ultimate leaves a lot to be desired but that’s justifiable by the strength of the rest of her kit.

If you’re an avid Bangalore player, you’ll want to make sure you look as cool as possible while you’re out there getting killstreaks. So many skins are available, it can be tough to settle on one so I’ve made a list of the 10 best Bangalore skins to help you decide!


10. Neural Net

Neural Net is one of my favourite skin lines in the entire game, with it being available to all legends. It looks cool on Bangalore too, with the light blue colour fitting her outfit, as well as the awesome animated particles.


9. Fiber Optics

Simplicity can work so well with the right colours, the Fiber Optics skin does have an animation but its barely visible due to the way her outfit works. Such a unique feature provides a nice balance, you can look epic without being too over the top.


8. Hack the System

Hack the System protrudes throughout the skin, only missing the body armour part of her clothing. Bangalore fits the green colour surprisingly well and it’ll also help to provide a touch of camouflage in certain situations!


7. Daemon Hunter

Bangalore is arguably the most badass legend in the game, so wearing a skin that optimises her aggression is desirable. This is why Daemon Hunter is the highest ranked Epic level skin on the list, fitting her personality, thematic and abilities perfectly.


6. Enforcer

The first Legendary level skin on the list, Enforcer provides a Police/S.W.A.T aesthetic that fits Bangalore’s personality. Clearly a no-nonsense type of girl, she’d do well in any kind of Police force and this skin proves that.


5. Spacewalker

Spacewalker sports a more astronomical approach, Bangalore sure has a ton of variety in her skins. Colour wise, you can’t go wrong with the NASA flagship colours in white and orange. The goggles make all the difference though, facewear is always great to see on skins.


4. Officer Williams

You really feel the law enforcement vibe with this skin, something that’s lacking in the skins department for other legends. I’d love to see the Officer skin line continued, Bangalore fits it arguably the best though!


3. Overdrive

I can’t even count how many times I’ve been killed by a Bangalore main wearing this skin. Perhaps dozens of deaths and executions have skewed my opinion and have made me biased towards it. Regardless, few skins provide masks like Overdrive does, as well as the awesome colours that provide a more sporty appearance!



2. Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket is only available by acquiring the Spacewalker skin, then spending 10,500 Legends Tokens while it’s in the store. As of the time of writing this, it has just over a day left in the store so you’ve likely missed it by now. I thought I’d include it anyway, but the best skin available at all times is Overdrive!

Full Metal Jacket provides a black and gold tone to Bangalore’s model, giving off a prestige look. 


1. Killer 8

Killer 8 is only available by acquiring the Overdrive skin, then spending 10,500 Legends Tokens while it’s in the store. Store exclusives like this are available for a limited time only, making them exceedingly rare. Killer 8 stands out among all others, for that awesome Overdrive model with the perfect mix of colors!

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