Top 10 Best Astrology Apps

It used to be that people could get their daily astrology fix from the horoscopes section in the newspaper. But now that daily newspapers are a thing of the past, so is the horoscopes page.

I enjoy following several Instagram accounts and websites such as Numerology Sign that give daily predictions and tips for my Sun Sign. While these sometimes show up at exactly the right moment to give me a lift or to guide me, at other times they feel a little impersonal, or that they just aren’t available when I need them.

In order to get more personalised and accessible astrological information, I have been looking at the thousands of apps now available that provide everything from a daily horoscope to a detailed birth chart.

Here is a list of the ten best Astrology Apps that I have come across.


10. Astrology Zone

Susan Miller is known by many as the queen of astrology, and her personally written monthly horoscopes are both detailed and informative. The Astrology Zone app gives you direct access to Miller and her expertise.

The app features a short daily horoscope and a detailed monthly horoscope, as well as quick links to Miller’s tweets where she discusses significant astrological events that affect us all.

While the basic version of the app is free, it is worth upgrading to a premium account for $4.99 per month (at time of writing), or less if you get an annual subscription. This will get you significantly more detailed daily horoscopes, better access to past horoscopes, as well as access to essays written by Miller on a wide variety of important astrological topics. Available on iOS and Android.


9. Astro Gold

This app is made for professional astrologers and prioritises making precise and accurate calculations in order to facilitate insightful and detailed interpretations. You can easily get information on Natal, Transit, Progression and Synastry positions that are easy to interpret thanks to the apps clean design.

While this is ideal for people wanting to do their own interpretations, the app also offers professional interpretation for those who need a bit more structure.

The quality of this iOS and Andoird app is reflected in the price tag, which is high at $39.99, but the accuracy and detail of this app makes it worthwhile for serious astrology fans.


8. Astromatrix

This map is designed for anyone that wants to go beyond the horoscope and is ready to dig deep into their Birth Chart. Enter your basic details to calculate your Birth Chart, and then receive insightful summaries about various aspects of your personality and life path.

The app also delivers daily and monthly horoscopes, compatibility charts, and a retrograde calendar so that you have everything that you might need at your fingertips.

The app also offers a Tarot card reading that gives you access to three cards in a variety of layouts. While I am more sceptical about Tarot apps, it is a great way to learn the cards and get a feel for their meanings.

The app is free to download and use with advertising. A modest monthly subscription will get rid of those pesky ads.


7. AstroSage Kundli

If you are interested in Vedic Astrology, then AstroSage is the app for you. Calculate your Rasi chart and Navamsa chart to see what Vedic Astrology can reveal about your personality and temperament. Receive detailed daily, monthly and annual predictions based on all the various areas of Vedic Astrology.

Tailored to an Indian audience, it also offers advice on baby names, matchmaking and auspicious days.

This iOS app is completely free, so it is ideal for serious followers or Vedic Astrology, and those who are just interested to see what this alternative system has to offer. Without doubt, this is the most detailed and comprehensive Vedic Astrology app currently available.


6. Chaturanga Astrology

Chaturanga is a great astrology app if what you are looking for is to speak to an actual astrologer. Enter your birth information to develop your Natal Chart, and then you can use the messaging service to send your specific questions to real astrologers, who will provide you with detailed and personal answers. They promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

This app is also great if you do not know the exact moment of your birth. Bearing in mind that the sky sphere changes by one degree every four minutes, this can be important. It offers a service called rectification that allows you to calculate the exact time of your birth based on several past milestones.

Available on iOS and Android, your first question is free, and then you need to buy packages for further discussion. While it might seem expensive, it is good value considering you are speaking to an actual person.


5. Co-Star

Co-Star is a great free app for those who want to go beyond a basic Sun Sign horoscope, but aren’t astrology experts. Looking at your Sun Sign, Rising Sign and Moon Sign, you will find the daily horoscopes more personal and meaningful than your standard fare.

The planetary information in the app comes direct from NASA, and the astrological musings are generated by AI based on a significant database of astrological experience. The use of an AI may seem less personal, but it also means that it is less sugar-coated. Be prepared for harsh reality.

As well as checking your own forecast for the day, the app is a social element which allows you to regularly look in on what is in store for family and friends.

Currently only available on iOS, but the Android version is coming soon.


4. Daily Horoscope

This free app is perfect for anyone looking for easy and accessible information based on their Sun Sign. You get daily horoscopes, as well as monthly, weekly and yearly forecasts, a personality guide and a compatibility guide. As well as looking at your Sun Sign, you can also get yearly outlooks based on your Chinese and Druid Horoscopes.

You can personalise this app so that it shows you what is most important to you on opening, and you can also set reminders to check updated information when it is available.

This app is free and available on both iOS and Android. Take advantage of the three-day free trial to see if this app is for you.


3. Horoscoper Club

If you are looking to gamify your astrology, then look no further than Horoscope Club. As well as providing a free daily horoscope, and an instant advice Tarot service, you can play quizzes, and even challenge your friends to games, as you engage with your horoscope.

Available on both iOS and Android, this app requires a subscription, but the social features make it worthwhile if you have friends who are also astrology buffs.


2. Time Nomad

This app is designed for amateur astrology buffs. It offers facilities that let you easily and accurately draw up your own Natal Chart, as well as that of family and friends. You can also do charts for any place at any point in time to better understand the astrological influence over certain events.

The app uses state of the art software to calculate the positions of celestial bodies, and you can look at both tropical and sidereal calculations with just the click of a button.

One thing that stands out about this app is its privacy. You can calculate an unlimited number of Natal Charts, and all the information is personal to you, stored on your iCloud account. There is also no need to sign in or register.

This iOS app is free to download, but calculations are done through in-app purchases.


1. Time Passages

This app is the perfect blend of simplicity and depth. It provides a free daily horoscope based on Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign, and you can get more detailed by calculating your personal Birth Chart. You can also get regular updates about moon phases, Mercury retrogrades and other important astrological events, so that you can always be prepared.

As well as looking at your won forecast, you can set profiles for family and friends so that you can check in on how things are going with them on a regular basis.

Time Passages is currently only available on iOS, and while it is free to download and use, it does have in-app purchases. Most significantly, it charges 99 cents to calculate your Birth Chart. Currently available on iOS.

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