Top 10 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles

I doubt there’s a person out there who wouldn’t love to spend a few hours sniping in an airsoft war. Getting up close and personal is fun but camping in a bush? That’s also fun but immersive.

If you’re thinking of getting your hands on an airsoft sniper rifle, it’s important to purchase the right one. Trust me, you don’t want to spend $100 on a bad sniper rifle, I’ve had that experience before. These weapons tend to be a tad more expensive than other weapons but if you look in the right place, you can get an effective weapon for a low price.

This list will look at the top 10 best airsoft sniper rifles. Of course, there are rifles worth a thousand dollars that are better than any on this list but I’ll be taking cost effectiveness into account. All of the rifles listed below will allow you to snipe beyond your wildest dreams without emptying your wallet!

Note: All rifles have an FPS number, this statistic signifies the power of the BB as it leaves the weapon. A high FPS rifle will fire BBs with great speed, allowing it to cover a higher distance (basically better range).


10. M14 Socom (Bonus: Free 2000 BBs)

FPS: 330

Price: $37.80 (currently on sale for $18.90!)

I would only reccomend this if you need a cheap backup option, or you’re looking to get into airsoft and you need a cheap starting rifle. It has a fairly low FPS and a low rate-of-fire but honestly, the price is really good so I had to include it on this list.


9. L96 model general spring rifle

FPS: 300

Price: $48

Although it has lower FPS than the previous entry, this rifle comes equipped with a scope so you don’t need to pay extra like you would for the M14 (if you want a scope anyway). It’s also quite a lot cooler, in my opinion anyway, the L96 model looks incredible!


8. Dragunov SVD-S METAL

FPS: 400

Price: $75

Don’t let the fact it’s missing a scope persuade you from being interested, this rifle is cost-effective and versatile. 400 FPS isn’t insanely high but its nothing to be sniffed at, you should have no problem at medium or even slightly long ranges with the Dragunov SVD-S.


7. JG M70 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Fake wood)

FPS: 410

Price: $104

Personally, these types of rifles are my favorite. It looks old-school but it’ll serve you well on the battlefield, bringing a decent FPS to the table as well as a comfortable and easy to use grip. Please note, the scope is not included!


6. AGM MK96 AWP Bolt Action Spring

FPS: 440

Price: $102.99

A more modern feel compared to the previous entry, the MK96 AWP also boasts a higher FPS. This rifle is very capable at long ranges, although the scope is not included. Arguably the most considerably trait of this rifle is the comfort, as it has a fairly low weight and plenty of grip!


5. AGM Metal VSR-10 MP-001

FPS: 450

Price: $69.75

This VSR-10 variant is so, so worth the price. I’d argue its the most cost-effective of all on this list. It doesn’t come with a scope but it does give you a strap for easy carrying, the wood is fake but it still looks awesome. And with 450 FPS, you’ll be getting headshots without isue!


4. Double Eagles Metal L96

FPS: 460

Price: $99

Again, no scope is included but you do get a sling & speed loader, which are surprisingly useful. Appearance wise, this L96 model looks spectacular with its jet black colors. It’ll hold 30 BBs in its magazine before needing a reload, which is plenty enough to be effective in combat.


3. UKARMS SVD Dragunov

FPS: 470

Price: $130

You have to love the classic appearance of the SCD Dragunov, you’ll definitely stand out among everyone else. This rifle is surpisingly bolt action, unlike the real-life variant, but its immersive in the fact it’s the same size as the real-life Dragunov. Lets be honest, if you wanted a semi-auto version of the same size, it’d cost a few hundred more dollars.



FPS: 470

Price: $160

I’ll first point out this rifle is completely made from plastic, which will put a lot of people off (especially for the price). However, you do get a scope, retractable stock and bipod. For the price, it’s actually a really good choice and should perform well for a number of years.


1. Well VSR-10

FPS: 500

Price: $108

Jesus, the price is soooo good for what you get. A 500 FPS rifle, 9x magnifaction scope and a cool appearance. You could camp right on the backline and still get hits all day. The Well VSR-10 is simply so much better than any other sniper rifle available in this price range!

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