Top 10 Awesome Reinhardt Facts

Reinhardt is one of the more recognisable figures in Overwatch, as the beefiest and best tank, he ought to be. He was one of the Overwatch Agents that was most involved with the project and has become a leading character for the Overwatch video game. There are plenty of cool and interesting facts you don’t know, he has an awesome history both lore wise and gameplay wise. Here’s the top 10 Reinhardt Facts you didn’t know!


10. Trivia

Just a few little factlets to get you started, Reinhardt has a number of unique traits. His suit, the more distinctive part of his character, grants him super strength, stamina and endurance. He’s the oldest hero of them all at the age of 61 and is also the tallest hero. He’s of course from Germany and this shows in a number of his quotes, such as when he references the excellence of German engineering (even though Torbjorn is the one who created and maintains his suit).


9. Early Design

As you can see from the image above, Reinhardt used to look completely different. Sporting the triangles that we now see on Orisa, his entire color scheme has changed, but his thematic retains its originality. This was back when Overwatch was in its very early stages, when it was called Titan. Although this was a completely different game to be fair.


8. Origin

As you likely know, Overwatch was created to help bring an end to the Omnic Crisis, a devastating war that wreaked havoc across the world. The greatest soldiers from around the globe were compiled into this Overwatch organisation, Reinhardt being one of the first. He displayed admiral combat capabilities while providing a voice of good morale, making sure the Overwatch team remembered it was their duty to bring peace to the world.


7. Hammer

In-game, Reinhardt’s hammer provides a powerful close-range AoE melee attack, capable of clearing rooms out in just a few swings. Because of this, he has no ‘quick melee’ attack like other characters. Created by Torbjorn, like Reinhardt’s suit, the hammer is rocket propelled for extra thrusts and requires ginormous strength to wield.


6. Playstyle

Reinhardt’s playstyle has a high skill cap but is quite easy to pick up. It mostly revolves around shield management and ult charging with his Fire Strike. As he’s the only tank with a melee weapon, he is given immense durability in response, he’s the sturdiest hero in the game. A good Reinhardt will keep his shield charged and use it only when needed, there’s no point in soaking 1000 damage if his team-mates aren’t there to respond. Players need to use Fire Strike to poke the enemy, take out low HP squishies and charge Reinhardt’s ultimate from range. His Charge ability is so tempting to use but should only be done so appropriately.


5. Fan Skins

As is tradition with popular games, Reinhardt has received an outstanding number of fan skins. He already has a lot of great skins made by Blizzard but his character has so many possibilities waiting. Some of these include the Golemhardt (shown above), Rookhardt, Rangaros and believe it or not, Faerie.


4. Personality

Reinhardt’s holds arguably the most lovable personality in the entire game. Displaying great optimism, energetic and humorous lines, he’s a joy to play or have on your team. He is the definition of ‘good’, Reinhardt’s fights for what is right for the world and brings a smile to people’s faces.


3. Stats

Due to his awesome personality and fun playstyle, Reinhardt is hero who is loved by most players. He currently has a pick rate of 3% in Quick Play, while boasting a huge 8.7% in Competitive play. Understandably, he has a 51.5% win-rate in Quick Play and a 49.6% win-rate in Competitive play. This makes him quite balanced as the closer to 50% you can get, the better. Players with over 50 games tend to have a win-rate much higher than 50% so it shows the effectiveness of his skill cap.


2. Change History

Blizzard have done an outstanding job in terms of balance in Overwatch, while making sure the meta stays fresh. Reinhardt has never had a single change, only minor bug fixes which have barely impacted his gameplay. He has power in his playstyle while retaining a lot of weaknesses for plays to take advantage of, if they’re good enough.


1. Pro Play

Put simply, Reinhardt’s kit has allowed him to be a must-have for almost every serious team composition. His shield is just too valuable, no other tank hero can compare to his usefulness. Pro games are often a race to see who can take out the enemy Reinhardt’s shield faster than the other team. With pro DPS and support players surrounding him, his weaknesses are all but nullified and he becomes the perfect tank for pro play.

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