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10 Armor Sets – Witcher 3

  Since the release of  the new Netflix Series adaptation of The Witcher recently, it’s video game counterpart; The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has seen a sudden rise in popularity this past month or so. Due to this fact it’s brought up a lot of questions from people wondering what’s good or bad in the game and we’re here to try and shed some light on the popular armor sets/outfits people like to use once they meet the level requirements.

Note: All are the highest Tier the item can be and all listing are just armor, the weapons aren’t included.

10. Assassin’s Set

   Our first in the list is the Light Armor set, Assassin’s; having only three pieces to it, the boots, hands and pants. It’s not the best, but if you like to have some good mobility with decent stats at the lower levels Assassin’s can be useful. Featuring better Resistance to Slashing DMG (at 26%) over the other stats, Resistance to Piercing and Bludgeoning DMG, which come up to 9% along with 350 Vitality and 10% Crit. The pants and hands can be crafted, but the boots bought from a vendor though admittedly the best piece of the set are the hands for the Crit added onto it.

9. Mahakaman Set

  Next up is the two piece Heavy Armor set Mahakaman, made up of just the chest (which is looted) and pants (which is crafted) pieces. As usual Heavy Armor leans more towards the defensive stats and Mahakaman is no different, having + 558-637 Vitality,  a total of 35% Resistance to Piercing and Bludgeoning DMG and 45% Resistance to Slashing DMG. I think this set would be pretty useful while leveling up, but to bring out the better aspects; maybe add a few pieces of another set.

(Note: There is no decent Mahakaman image right now)

8. Griffin School Gear Set

    The first Legendary Gear Set on the list is the Griffin School Gear Set, a craftable four piece Medium Armor set made for those that like being Casters/Battle Mages. Giving an adequate Resistance to Elemental DMG of 40%; 50% Resistance to Monster DMG, 50% Sign Intensity, 40% Resistance to Slashing DMG, 30% Resistance to Piercing DMG and 20% Resistance to Bludgeoning DMG. Even though it’s a good setup for Casters, it’s not the best by itself and recommended to mix in another set for maximum results.

7. Toussaint’s Knight Tourney Set

  Coming in at number 7 is a Heavy Armor Set from the Blood And Wine DLC, known for it’s heavy defensive attributes. (Though only one piece is Relic Tier, two Magic and the last Master.) Giving a decent 68% Resistance to Slashing, Piercing DMG and 43% Resistance to Bludgeoning DMG; along 10% Aard Sign Intensity, 25% Chance to Deflect Projectiles with Quen and + 500. Overall making it kinda Tankish and not at all bad to use.

6. Viper School Gear Set

  Our second Legendary Gear Set coming in at number eight is the Viper School Gear Set! A four piece Medium Armor Gear Set that can only be crafted once you have the Heart And Stone DLC. Featuring very high stats of 50% Resistance Piercing and Bludgeoning DMG, 100%  Resistance to Poison and 60% Resistance to Elemental and Monster DMG. Making this set very good for hunting certain monsters that deal Poison DMG.

5. Hen Gaidth Set

  Much like the Toussaint Set that I mentioned previously, this set is also known for a defensive set and it is the Hen Gaidth Set. A five piece Heavy Armor Set (the fifth piece being a mask), that is only in the Blood And Wine DLC; looted from a specific questline. Featuring defensive stats of 68% Resistance to Piercing DMG, 52% Resistance to Bludgeoning DMG, 50% Resistance to Bleeding DMG, 59% Resistance to Slashing DMG 63% Resistance to DMG from Monsters and finally 50% Resistance to Burning DMG!

4. Manticore Set

  Also from the Blood And Wine DLC; the Manticore Set, (specifically the Legendary set) is a craftable Medium Armor Set that’s known for being well-balanced and very effective for a long time, meaning usually once you get it you might use it until you KNOW you have something better. Visually it’s not the most shocking nor does it stand out much, but it’s still good enough. It’s stats are 40% Resistance to Piercing DMG, 60% Resistance to Slashing DMG, 57% Resistance to DMG from Monsters, 72% Critical Hit DMG Bonus and 65% Resistance to Elemental DMG; making it overall a very useful set.

3. Wolf School Gear Set

  Coming in Third in our Top 3 of the list and one of the last Legendary Sets is the Wolf School Gear Set, a craftable Medium Armor Set obtained through the Scavenger Hunt quest (and more importantly the stats I’ll be using is of the Grandmaster Legendary version of it and this Tier is only available with the Blood And Wine DLC). Apparently this set is more for builds that make use of Adrenaline Points, but still has pretty good defensive stats. The stats being 35% Attack Power, 35% Adrenaline Point gain, 40% Resistance to Piercing DMG, 27% Resistance to Bludgeoning DMG, 60% Resistance to Slashing DMG, 65% Resistance to DMG from Monsters, 65% Resistance to Elemental DMG,  35% Sign Intensity.

2. Ursine School Gear Set

  The Legendary Set in Second Place is the Ursine School Gear Set, a craftable Heavy Armor Set uniquely fitted for builds utilizing Bombs or Potions, and is also from the Scavenger Hunt quest. It’s a very powerful defensive set that even gives Signs a boost when the set is complete (200% Sign Intensity bonus) and even makes you look like you could take some hard hits. The stats for the Grandmaster Legendary version are 35% Attack Power, 85% Adrenaline Point gain, 64% Resistance to Piercing DMG, 40% Resistance to Bludgeoning DMG, 70% Resistance to Slashing DMG, 80% Resistance to DMG from Monsters, 50% Resistance to Elemental DMG.

1. Feline School Gear Set

  Next is our final and top Legendary Armor Set, the Feline School Gear, a craftable Light Armor that utilizes your combat skills; boosting them quite a bit. Mainly for the builds using Crit Chance and DMG.  I’ll be listing it’s stats for the highest Tier, the Grandmaster Legendary, which are 85% Attack Power, 40% Resistance to Piercing DMG, 50% Resistance to Slashing DMG, 50% Resistance to DMG from Monsters, 80% Resistance to Elemental DMG.