Top 10 Ahri Facts

Ahri is a well loved League of Legends champion, she’s a burst Mage with a fun and safe playstyle. She’s been out for a while now so she’s built up quite a fan-base, these fans might be die-hard but they won’t know everything about her!

She has a rich and interesting lore, her history over the League of Legends timeline is also full of cool facts. Here’s the top 10 facts about Ahri!


10. Release & Reception

Ahri Splash

Ahri was revealed in December of 2011, players thought she would be a very high skill-ceiling champ with an overloaded kit. They did expect her to be a bit overpowered but all in all, it was a successful release. She was released with the opening of Korean servers.


9. Skins

Snow White Ahri

Such an interesting champion has a lot of options for new skins. She’s received a total of 6 skins since her release with 1 of them being a legacy skin. Her last 2 skins have been in late August of 2015 and 2016. She has a ton of awesome fan-made skins, like the Snow White skin above. She also has Girls Generation, Steel Series, Kitty and Jade Princess.


8. Foxfire Ahri

Fox Fire Ahri

Has the Foxfire skin name ever sounded familiar to you? It’s based on the internet browser, Firefox. Ahri isn’t the only champion to have this easter egg though, with Safari Caitlyn, Explorer Ezreal & Chrome Rammus all continuing the skin line.


7. Ahri


Her name and character are heavily inspired by Korean culture, this was to help solidify South Korea as a playerbase when Riot opened servers there. In the Korean language, Ahri means ‘graceful, elegant’ and her designer labelled her as Gumiho, which is a reference to the nine-tailed fox famous in Korean mythology. Her name was chosen by a poll on the Riot Korea website.


6. Vastaya


Ahri is a Vastayan, the same race as the likes of Rakan, Xayah and Wukong. The Vastayan do not have a set ‘look’, they are a mixture of human and animal. Every Vastayan is different in their own way, with Ahri taking the appearance of a fox.


5. Win-Rate

Ahri Win Rate

Her win-rate has shifted up and down over the years, depending on the meta. Overall, Riot are happy with her win-rates as they are usually around 50% unless the meta favors her heavily. She’s currently sitting on a 53.3% winrate which is quite above average, players are using this to call for nerfs.


4. Pick-Rate


As you’ve probably guess, Ahri’s pick-rate is mirrored by her popularity. She is currently picked 3.6% of the time which, in a game with over 100 champions, makes her very popular. This will no doubt be due to her high win-rate as players seek to abuse her while she’s strong.


3. Changes

Ahri Splash Art

She’s not actually received any balance changes since patch 5.16, way back in August of 2015 when the healing from her passive was reduced. Before that, she received significant changes to her kit in patch 5.2 which gave her movement speed on her Q, increased the damage on her E but removed the 20% damage increase on Charmed targets. Between her release and 5.16, she received quite a lot of number changes which signifies her power.


2. But how is she to play?

Ahri Gameplay

Awesome, she’s awesome to play. Great wave clear, sustain, burst, safety, Ahri has it all. She’s a great all-rounder but she is quite skill-shot reliant as well, in the hands of a good player she can wreak havoc. Her high burst and mobility is great for team-fighting as you can take out the carries and pick off the stragglers who try to run. Ahri is highly recommended if you’re looking for a new mid lane champion.


1. Pro Play

Ahri LCS

Ahri doesn’t really appear in pro play unless the meta favors her, of course this can be said for every champion but she does dart in and out a bit more than most others. She’s currently a decent pick, making numerous appearances for big teams of all regions. The God himself SKT T1 Faker has proclaimed that he’d love for Ahri to receive a Worlds skin, likely if they win Worlds 2017 he’ll give the skin to her.

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