Ranking the Best Legends in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has set the tone for the battle royale genre, offering unique characters to play with their own skills and abilities. The ultimate system is pretty nice, and the developers can add more legends in the future.

For the purposes of this list, I’ll be treating you as a solo player. If you play as a group, certain Legends are more effective (such as Pathfinder and Wraith), and your individual play-styles will determine which legends are best.

I’m ranking the best legends in the game, to help you determine which one you can perform best with. As a solo player, it can be difficult to acquire any sort of communication with your team-mates. Playing legends that can maximise your solo effectiveness is important, you’ll perform far better if you know the details.


8. Gibraltar

I’m a big fan of Gibraltar, I think his gun shield mechanics and appearance are pretty damn epic. However, he has some drawbacks for solo players.

Gibraltar’s hit-box is massive, any kind of shotgun being shot your way will almost certainly hit for huge damage. His dome shield can be pretty useless without squad co-ordination, sometimes even working better for the enemy by blocking grenades/weapon line-of-sight.

A huge redeeming quality is his ultimate ability, one that can take down entire squads if used right. Again though, squad communication is necessary for maximising casulties. I do recommend him if you’re in a group, just not solo!


7. Pathfinder

More fun than useful, Pathfinder does have some unique abilities but they all need a good squad to be effective. Detecting the next ring location is nice, but without enough communication to formulate a strategy and set down some defenses, it’s pretty useless.

Pathfinder’s ultimate ability places a zip-line, giving everyone easy access to hard-to-reach locations. Again, not too great solo unless you want to fortify some high ground by yourself. If not for the grappling hook, which can be used to flank or access loot quickly, he’d be number 8 on the list.


6. Mirage

Seeing the rest of your squad go on their own personal mission or try to engage impossible fights is all too common. Mirage keeps you going through the game, offering loads of trickery and bamboozling. His main ability sends a decoy of  himself forward, highlighting any enemies that fire at it. Also good to use just after landing in areas containing numerous squads to distract them.

Upon being downed, Mirage produces another decoy and becomes camouflaged (still visible just hard to see). You’ll get a good opportunity to escape, awesome when combined with the Legendary Knockdown Shield (it provides a self revive if you didn’t know).

Finally, Mirage’s ultimate summons a bunch of decoys and provides camouflage for 3 seconds. Use it to flank or escape, I mostly save it for recovering banners!


5. Bloodhound

Arguably the most unique legend in the game, Bloodhound offers quite a lot to solo and group players alike. More so to groups, he can track all kinds of things throughout the map, tracking enemy whereabouts and paths taken.

His greatest asset is his rather generous ultimate. Granting some serious buffs, it highlights enemies (even through smoke/gas) and boosts movement speed. Particularly useful for hunting weak enemies or sniping, there’s barely a situation where it can’t be beneficial.


4. Caustic

Caustic is amazing, able to place traps across the map that deal a small amount of damage, slow the enemy and reveal them to you. Thermite Grenades are great with him, as the damage stacks and Caustic’s gas slows enemies enough to force them to stay in the grenade’s fire.

A large hitbox makes him vulnerable sometimes though, but Caustic isn’t one to be out in the open anyway. The vision granted by gas is only given to you, which is obviously a lot better when you’re communicating with a squad.

If you plan on playing Caustic, make sure you try to hunker in the Bunker as much as possible. This play tells you everything, trapping an entire squad in a death room.


3. Lifeline

Lifeline is my go-to legend, thanks to her affinity for Ultimate Accelerants. Technically a support legend, she can be used selfishly to gear yourself up. Her healing drone is great for keeping you and your squad mates topped up.

What I like most is her revive time, as she revives must faster than any other legend. I can’t tell you how many times, every single game my solo squad mates are downed. Being able to get a return kill and quickly revive safely is huge for me. And it’ll really help you to carry your team far into the game.


2. Bangalore

One of, if not the most popular legend in the game right now. Bangalore is tough to kill, with her smoke grenade providing great cover and her passive boosting movement speed when under fire. Like Gibraltar, Bangalore’s airstrike ability can decimate entire squads if used correctly. None of this requires much team-play, making her popular among solo players.


1. Wraith

The meme queen herself, Wraith is renowned for being a huge nuisance and the best legend you can choose. Mostly due to her broken hitbox and odd movement animations, even highly skilled players have trouble hitting her. For reference, Mirage’s hitbox is 33% larger than Wraiths, with Gibraltar’s hitbox being a whopping 140% larger.

If you’re queuing solo, the lack of squad co-ordination can lead to you being caught out without back-up. Wraith is able to phase out, evading all damage and allowing you to retreat to the safety of your squad mates.

Her portal ability can make for some awesome solo plays, it’s not uncommon for enemies to be near a portal without paying attention, making for some easy surprise attacks!

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