Top 10 Most Educational Video Games

Are there educational video games? Absolutely!

In today’s generation, even parents are likely to have played some form of educational computer games when they were still in school.

Now, we’re seeing a generation having that brought to the forefront. While having to write a paper can be educational, it just isn’t as fun as picking up a controller or hitting a keyboard.

Your child’s education will thrive with these games!


10. Portal 2

We’re starting off with a big name. The one, which a lot of parents already know, but don’t realize it is educational. While it won’t help your child write a paper (they can get online help with their writing from PapersOwl, anyway), it does have its uses.

This game isn’t a violent one: It teaches problem-solving skills. You have to solve puzzles to escape the lab that you’re stuck in!


9. Oregon Trail

This is something that parents are likely to recognize. One of the first and most well-known video games in education, Oregon Trail is a blast for everyone, kids and adults alike.

Here you will learn how difficult and deadly the journey was for the pioneers who settled the area. Prepare for your trip and be sure to stock up.

Quick tip: Don’t ford the river!


8. Spore

Another well-known game that sneaks its educational quality in is Spore. If you want your kids to learn about evolution, this is the place to start. You start off your own species as a single-cell organism and can bring it up through the animal stage, the stone age, and even into the future.

This is the best way to familiarize your kids with evolution while not boring them with the talks about Darwin.


7. Civilization

How civilizations come to be, and how they end, can be a very interesting topic for anyone. It’s certainly an underrated part of history. This game can help your child learn about how this process would go.

It’s an exciting game that is sure to hold your kid’s attention. It might even get them researching past civilizations and the history behind them.


6. Sim City

Sul Sul! The makers of the Sims (and the Pools Without Ladders Foundation) have now brought you SimCity. Here, you get to build and maintain your own city, dealing with the problems that can arise with it.

This is an excellent way to teach older children and teens the city planning and problem-solving, while also letting them have fun. Much better than having to write a dry paper, right?


5. Brainiversity

These games, playable on a Windows computer, are just the thing to help keep your brain sharp and your wits keen. There are a variety of choices that come with this program.

You can choose from math, analysis, language, and memory mini-games that can become quite addicting as you play them. But you’re not wasting your time with these: They’re healthy for your brain!


4. Math Blaster

Another old favorite is Math Blaster. It’s one of the most commonly used games out there and for a very good reason: It takes something many kids have problems with (math) and turns it into a fun game.

Your child will be building up their math skill and won’t even know it, because they’ll be too busy having fun! Best of all? This game is free.


3. Minecraft

Wait, Minecraft is educational? Absolutely! More and more people are seeing that this game inspires creativity and problem-solving in those who play it, making it a better (and more fun) way to spend time than pounding out a research paper.

Meanwhile, your kid will be too focused on having fun mining for diamonds to worry about the fact that they’re learning. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get a turn.


2. Stack the States

If your child is learning the states, there’s no better way than with this game. Though it’s actually an entire group of games, designed to help your kids learn all about the fifty states that make up the US.

Letting them play a few times is bound to hold their attention, and they’ll learn more before it’s over.


1. 20Q

This is an old classic brought into the modern age and put directly on your PC. A new form of 20 questions, it can be played on the internet for easy accessibility. Wondering what makes it educational? Like many others on this list, it can teach your child how to think critically. It builds brainpower, making it an excellent choice for an idle afternoon where everyone wants to take it easy, while still keeping things educational.

There are many learning video games out there. From the traditional, such as the Oregon Trail, to the mainstream, such as Portal 2, there is something out there that’s perfect for you and your child. You just have to find it.

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