Top 10 Things We’d Like To See In Halo Infinite

The last time we saw a new Halo title released on the Xbox was October 27, 2015. Halo 5 was and still is a fantastic FPS game and a great entry into the Halo universe… but we’re super keen for a new game! Halo Infinite has already been announced as the next game in the franchise, but while no release date is known, we have to assume it will be tied into the release of a brand new Xbox console (which is currently rumored to be 2020).

The only footage we’ve seen so far is an announcement trailer at E3 2018, and while that looks pretty enough, we still have so many more questions! So, in order to stave off the waiting, we’re going to make a wish list of things we’d love to see when Halo Infinite is finally released.


10. New weapons and vehicles

Every new Halo title introduces a couple of new weapons and vehicles, so this is not something we should worry about too much. What would be interesting, however, is the ability to adapt and upgrade those weapons, vehicles, or even your suit after earning points during the missions. If we could adapt the Battle Rifle, for instance, to have a longer scope, larger magazine capacity, and armor-piercing bullets, then it adds a new dimension via customizing possibilities.


9. More special abilities

Both Halo 3 and Halo 4 toyed with the idea of adding special abilities that could be used for a brief period of time, such as a temporary shield, jetpack, super sprint, etc. These options and more would be great to have again in Halo Infinite, as there are many tricky situations presented in the game that would require a little bit of extra help than just our trusty guns and grenades.


8. No Flood

No one has liked nor will ever like fighting against The Flood. Endless waves of mindless, unstoppable killing machines just throws tactics out of the window and makes you run for your life. Please tell us The Flood truly died at the end of Halo 3.


7. More Master Chief

While Halo 5’s option to separate the story into two parts – one half Master Chief and the other half Spartan Locke – was kind of interesting and brought back memories of playing as The Arbiter in Halo 2… we still only want our beloved John-117 as the main guy. At the end of the Halo Infinite trailer, we see the Master Chief insert a chip into his helmet, which may or may not be everyone’s favorite sassy but well-meaning AI, Cortana.


6. Battle Royale mode

As we’ve seen with games like Apex Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, people absolutely love to watch battle royale games on Twitch. A lot of fun to play, sure, but even better to watch, as the action is intense, the gameplay is wild, and you’re never short on drama. A battle royale mode in Halo Infinite is controversial, as many fans think it goes against the spirit of the title and is just a quick cash-in on a trending mode. We’d love to see how it works in Halo nonetheless, and having more Twitch accounts showing Halo Infinite would give it the popularity it so rightly deserves.

If you’re not already streaming on Twitch, then you should! It’s enjoyable to watch professionals play your favorite games, but remember that Twitch streaming tutorials for PC, PS4, and Xbox are available if you want to stream yourself playing Halo online.


5. Super Fiesta in multiplayer

Super Fiesta mode is easily the highlight of Halo 5 multiplayer, as it’s largely a game based on luck. Each time you respawn, you start off with two completely different weapons: these might be amazing (like The Answer) or pretty useless (like the Assault Rifle). You can, of course, pick up other weapons on the battlefield, but starting out with a good weapon can often be the difference between your survival and your death in the 5 x 5 team-based fight. We definitely want this to be in Halo Infinite!


4. Offline multiplayer & co-op

Many games nowadays require an online connection in order to function (i.e. Destiny 2), but we remember a time when you could simply play couch co-op or multiplayer with your friends with no internet! It’s nice to be in the same room as someone when you play split screen, as it’s just never the same when you make an amazing shot and can’t see their reaction.


3. Selective installation

Games these days take up a lot of space on the Xbox hard drive, and we know that Halo Infinite will be gargantuan. Having the option to decide what parts of the game are installed is something that has been utilized on the special edition Halo: Master Chief Collection, so it shouldn’t be so hard to include in Halo Infinite. Not having to install modes you don’t use would be fantastic, or at least the choice of installing the campaign, then after finishing it, deleting it and installing multiplayer instead. Hard drive space is difficult to come by!


2. Other playable characters in multiplayer

As we’ve seen with the success of Apex Legends and Overwatch, different characters with their own unique traits and abilities can really make a game fun. As of now, only the Master Chief is playable, but more cast members would be ideal. Should you pick a sniper character with less health? Or a close quarters specialist with more health? Also, having a choice over what kind of character is available would make multiplayer a real blast, such as being able to pick a Covenant Elite or Forerunner Knight.


1. Harder mode than Legendary in the campaign

Don’t get us wrong, Legendary mode (the most difficult) is a challenge when playing the solo campaign missions in any Halo game, but for any pro, it’s just not hard enough. We want an extra mode that is Legendary x2, as we really want to be tested and feel like we are a super soldier deep down.

Halo is many peoples’ favorite video game of all time, so we just want to keep the next title in the franchise as epic as possible!

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