Top 10 DC Characters Who Deserve Their Own Series

Written by Sean Red

So, DC’s Stargirl has been revealed to the world, with a slated release for 2020. As well as that, Swamp Thing’s release date has been revealed as May 31st 2019. Following the success of DC’s TV shows over the years, there should be no worry for concern. What started with Arrow, and eventually lead us to The Flash, Supergirl and The Legends of Tomorrow, the DC TV universe has flourished and kept us coming season upon season.

With that being said, fans have spent the years still yearning for more. There is a plethora of incredible, well established characters yet to get their chance on the small screen. Even Superman is a recurring character despite fans’ plea for him to lead his own show. Whilst trust in the DC shows is well earned, a look into some of other characters is still warranted. So, here are 10 characters that deserve that deserve their own show.


10. Superman

Even though Superman is a re-occurring character in CW’s Supergirl, Tyler Hoechlin still hasn’t had his own space to flourish. The more we see Hoechlin don the red cape, the more we see how well he embodies the Kyrptonian. Fans have been begging for a full time series with Hoechlin as The Man of Steel for some time now, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen have already appeared in Supergirl and the numerous crossover events so far, so the pieces are in place for a Superman show to begin.


9. Catwoman

Hear me out here, I know as well as anyone how bad the last attempt at Catwoman was. But, given a long platform on TV, a Catwoman show could flourish before our eyes. Fans would be able to witness the rise to fame of the character, and they could even take her down the anti-hero route and have her steal from the rich and corrupt and dish out the goods to those in need. A burglar with a moral compass and a very human motive. Hopefully this time we will have a Catwoman for the fans and comic accurate in costume and personality.


8. Bane

Bane would be a great lead in a DC TV show. Who better than the man who ‘broke the bat’? Alongside his brute strength and intimidating height, Bane also possesses incredible intelligence, making him an ideal candidate for his own show. Bane has an incredibly rich set of skills. He could speak multiple languages in his young life during prison, and he was also a bodybuilder during his time there to keep both his mind and body in peak condition. The rise of Bane would be an intriguing tale to see unfold.


7. Blue Beetle/ Firestorm

This duo has a few iterations, a few of which shows them as great friends. This could be done similar to Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger show, where the two characters develop their powers separately, and meet under strenuous circumstances. Their personalities blend well in the iterations where they are friends, and the contrast of colours and suits would be great to see, not to mention the power combos they could concoct together.


6. The Question

One niche character that definitely has a cult following and is in need of a TV show, is The Question. Vic Sage, better known as ‘The Question’, is an investigative journalist. Based on that information alone, this show has the potential to be an enticing, dramatic show. Using a substance called ‘Pseudoderm’, Sage disguises himself to further his investigations. The science and intelligence involved with this character could make him a household name with the correct writing and direction.


5. Red Hood

If you have seen Titans, then you know Jason Todd made his appearance, and also made his presence well known. The young Robin was played very well, he was cocky, arrogant, ruthless and incredibly skilled and lethal as the boy wonder. His appearance also got us fantasising of a Nightwing vs Red Hood fight in the future of the show. So, it’s evident that Red Hood is a very popular character, from his design, right down to his cocky humour and effortless cool persona. This makes him the perfect character to lead his own show, documenting his time as Robin, his death at the hands of the Joker, and then he re-birth at in the Lazarus Pit. Fans would be drawn into an action-packed, suave assassin show, and if it were to be R-rated, we would be in for the biggest treat available. Get a move on DC!


4. Booster Gold

Probably the show most hankered after by DC fans, is Booster Gold. The quick witted, bantering ‘hero’, would be at home with audiences. Superheroes have stolen the hearts of fans with their humour and relaxed tones, when done right at least. Booster Gold would also be relatable as he pursues self-worth and recognition for preventing crimes and thwarting bad guys. The character development available would be fascinating as we see Booster Gold rise from a self-serving, selfish wannabe hero, to a fully fleshed out good guy doing it for all the right reasons. This show is a must.


3. Sinestro

When Ryan Reynolds starred in 2011’s Green Lantern movie, fans of the iconic character were left with a bitter taste in their mouths. After the long-awaited movie released, fans found the movie to be boring, with little substance and a lack of a great villain, and Hal Jordan wasn’t all he was cracked up to be. One shining light in that movie though, was Mark Strong’s performance as Sinestro. Sinestro is a big hitter in the DC universe, with a complex character nearly unmatched by most. He believes in protecting the universe, but is far more brutal and ruthless in his methods as opposed to the other lanterns. Sinestro’s development, from his home planet; to becoming a Green Lantern and eventually becoming a face of fear, for the yellow lantern corps, would be fascinating to watch. We would start by seeing him becoming a beacon of hope, and watch as he slowly loses his own hopefulness and gives into fear, only to utilise that very power and control it for his own gains.


2. Green Lantern Corps

One show that would give is the enticing story of Sinestro, as well as that of his brethren, is a Green Lantern show. Starting with the mysterious origin of the Guardians of OA, events unfold to show them creating the Green rings, and eventually dispersing them to find worthy fighters, full of hope. This show would admittedly require a monumental budget and effort to pull off. But, if done right, with care and passion for the lore and characters, we could witness a spectacle like no other! With multiple iconic Lanterns to inlude, the show has the potential for massive longevity. Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner all have fantastic potential and love from fans of the Lantern Corps, not to mention Kilowog, who could easily become a household name for the casual fans.


1. Lobo

At the number one spot, Lobo the bounty hunter is an obvious choice. A relatively unknown character to many casual fans, those who have read or played the Injustice series or read Green Lantern will know of him. The foul-mouthed, nonchalant, maniacal mercenary would be incredible in his own show! Granted, he is already appearing in season 2 of Krypton, he would flourish in his own show as a lead character. Visiting various planets in different star systems, chasing bounties and getting into all kinds of mishaps and trouble, this character would be an instant fan favourite with his crassness and ballsy approach to things. Written in the right way, this show would be unbeatable.

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