Top 10 Best Spitfire Skins in Apex Legends

Capable of mowing multiple enemies down in one magazine, the Spitfire is a beloved weapon in the APex Legends universe. Of the two light machine guns in the game, it stands out for its use of heavy ammo. If you didn’t know already, heavy ammo applies a small movement speed reduction to targets hit. 

No downside is seen to using this weapon, other than its tendency to treat your ammo reserves like a buffet. Recoil is manageable, damage is high and accuracy it’s fairly accurate. Safe to say you should always pick one up if you come across it. 

One of the largest guns in the game, a good skin stands out to anyone close by. You can’t be blamed for trying to choose the best skin but so many epic ones are available. Thankfully, I’ve made this list to help you decide which one to use! 


10. Code of Honor

Code of Honor, one of the best Spitfire skins in Apex Legends

Donning a bright green color, Code of Honor has a code animation (similar to that of The Matrix) on the main part of the weapon. Animations are always welcome, it’s just this skin doesn’t really fit the Spitfire thematic. You want to be a hard-hitting powerhouse, not a colorful techy. However, I know many players enjoy this skin type regardless of the weapon it’s on, so it’s down to your preference.


9. Break the Enemy

Break the Enemy, one of the best Spitfire skins in Apex Legends

Another more arcade looking skin, Break the Enemy features another cool animation too. Snow-like shapes protrude through the weapon’s body, working well with the bright blue/purple color. Again, other Epic level skins fit the Spitfire a bit more. Using a skin like this is your prerogative though! 


8. Off the Grid

Off the Grid, one of the best Spitfire skins in Apex Legends

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Off the Grid is an arctic themed skin, sporting an icey teal color. Unfortunately there aren’t any snow areas in the Apex Legends map. The featured animation seems to be waves of teal code.


7. Trial by Fire

Trial By Fire, one of the best Spitfire skins in Apex Legends

Fire based skins are amazing on heavy weapons, with Trial by Fire fitting the Spitfire well. The orange tone is dark enough to get away from the arcadey feel. What makes this skin is the animation, shooting fire across the main body of the gun. It’ll make you feel like such a badass as you’re unloading rounds down-range!


6. Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm, one of the best Spitfire skins in Apex Legends

Eye of the Storm is avialable to many weapons it very rarely looks bad. On the Spitfire, it makes it look slightly more futuristic and awesome with the lightning animation. All Epic level skins have featured on this list, but Eye of the Storm stands above them all.


5. The Heavy Construct

The Heavy Construct, one of the best Spitfire skins in Apex Legends

Clearly construction based, this legendary level skin provides a new model for the Spitfire weapon.  Capsules, wires and rods all make an appearance, making for a model that fits the skin well. Veering off the focus of Spitfire being a brutal weapon though, does it hurt its rankings.


4. Flying Warhawk

Flying Warhawk, one of the best Spitfire skins in Apex Legends

Justifiably a fan favorite, Flying Warhawk is often seen on the battlefield. One of the most unique skins in the entire game, it takes inspiration from the aeroplane of the same name. Us British players will always have a soft spot for this skin, it’s incredible but there’s some that are even better!


3. The Continuum

The Continuum, one of the best Spitfire skins in Apex Legends

Doing the new model justice is the Continuum, which provides a much-needed sci-fi skin for the Spitfire. Looking like some form of energy weapon, it’s hard not to love the alternate approach this skin provides.


2. Ground Control

Ground Control, one of the best Caustic skins in Apex Legends

Almost exactly the same as Flying Warhawk, only with a different and much better paint job. However, this skin was available for a limited time, requiring ownership of Flying Warhawk and 10,500 legend tokens to unlock!


1. Original Marauder

Original Marauder, the best Spitfire skin in Apex Legends

Original Marauder might not be the flashiest skin but what it provides, cannot be matched by any other skin. That is the thematic, working perfectly with the Spitefire’s play-style and game-play. A rugged, intimidating appearance fits a light machine gun perfectly, making it the best Spitefire skin in the game!

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