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10 Best Spears in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The world of Hyrule is a hostile land full of monsters and various other threats. In order to survive its dangers, you must always keep a weapon in hand. Weapons are found scattered across Hyrule, either in chests or held by enemies. Melee weapons are divided into three main categories: one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons and spears.

Although generally inflicting far less damage than one and two handed weapons, spears are effective weapons when it comes to defending yourself against enemies as their high knockback ability can assist in evading an enemy or push them off a platform.


10. Mighty Lynel spear

Attack: 20

Durability: 35

Obtain by defeating blue-maned lynels which require a significantly greater amount of time and effort compared to other mobs who reward better spears.


9. Guardian spear ++

Attack: 20

Durability:  35

It is fairly easy to obtain as it can be found wielded by Guardian scouts in shrines which can respawn at every blood moon.

This weapon is perfect for those who are short on powerful spears as it is easy to grind for (if you are experienced enough to easily defeat guardian scouts) and can deal a decent amount of damage to enemies.


8. Lightscale trident

Attack: 22

Durability: 70

Sporting the highest durability of all spears in the game, the Lightscale Trident will serve you well for a long time.

However, it is incapable of any attack or durability upgrades, resulting in it having less potential than a generally weaker spear.

It is also fairly hard to obtain as it is a reward for defeating the divine beast Vah Ruta. It can only be recrafted if you provide Dento with a Zora spear, a diamond and five pieces of flint.

The Lightscale trident is best used against weaker enemies due to its lower attack value and its longevity due to its high durability.


7. Ancient spear

Attack: 30

Durability: 50

Great stats but incapable of any attack or durability upgrades, resulting in the ancient spear having less potential than a generally weaker spear.

It also takes a fair amount of effort to acquire as you must supply Cherry from the Akkala ancient tech lab with 15 ancient gears, 5 ancient shafts, 2 ancient cores and a payment of 1000 rupees for her to forge one.


6. Royal halberd

Attack: 26

Durability: 50

Unlike many other weapons of its power, the Royal Halberd is fairly common to find as it can be found carried by Hinox/Stalnox bosses and various silver enemies scattered across Hyrule.


5. Savage Lynel spear

Attack: 30

Durability: 46

Pretty awesome stats, by itself the Savage Lynel Spear is very effective. However, it can only be obtained by defeating white-maned or silver lynels which take a tremendous amount of time and effort, inevitably resulting in the sacrifice of many other weapons to defeat them.

Whether you want to put that effort in is up to you and your play-style. Certain weapons with high durabilities can reduce the cost of acquiring this weapon.


4. Frostspear

Attack: 20

Durability: 40

Despite having a relatively lower attack value than the Savage Lynel Spear, the frostblade has the capacity to freeze enemies, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

The Frostspear is best used against a larger group of enemies as it has the capacity to freeze multiple enemies in one swing to avoid further damage.


3. Thunderspear

Attack: 22

Durability: 50

Thunderspear’s durability can be increased to be extremely high, more than any other in the game (when upgraded). In combat, the Thunderspear has the capacity to temporarily shock and disarm an enemy, leaving it vulnerable.

The Thunderspear is best used against enemies that wield more powerful weapons as disarming them would be the best option to avoid a large deal of damage.


2. Royal Guard’s Spear

Attack: 32

Durability: 15

Boasting the highest attack stat of any other spear, you’ll want to obtain this as soon as possible. However, it also has by far the lowest durability of any weapon on this list.

This spear is best saved for a powerful enemy such as a Lionel or a boss battle as you want to inflict the maximum amount of damage in order to defeat them.


1. Flamespear

Attack: 24

Durability: 50

The Flamespear is easily the most useful spear in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It has a base attack value of 24 (max attack value of 43), higher than the other elemental spears and a max durability value of 73 (base durability value of 50), higher than any other spear.

Despite having a lower attack value than some other weapons on the list, the Flamespear is able to burn enemies in combat, providing extra damage. Being able to melt ice, burn items and start a campfire, makes it the best all-round spear available!