Top 10 Best R-99 Skins in Apex Legends

Favored by the Apex Legends community for its high rate of fire, the R-99 sub-machine gun is a staple. Always keep your eye out for it, melting at close range, especially if you can control the recoil. With an extended magazine, taking down multiple targets is a breeze.

If you’re going to be ruling the map with the R-99, you’ll want to look as awesome as possible. It has some great skins available, choosing one can be difficult. I’ve put together a list of the 10 best R-99 skins in the game, I’ll be adding any future releases too. 

Your crafting metals are precious, always make sure you’re spending them correctly. Skin rankings will be available for every gun, so consult each one before you open your metal wallet!


10. Harvest

A Battle Pass exclusive, making it the most uncommon Rare level skin available to the R-99. If you own the Battle Pass, you’ll need to level up to 74 to unlock this skin. Sporting what looks like an Autumn appearance, Harvest is one of the most unique Rare skin lines in the game.


9. Code of Honor

Quite arcade-like, Code of Honor offers a bright green paint job, resembling a toy gun. On the stock, lines of code protrude downwards for a Matrix-esque feel. Plenty of players swear by this skin line as its available on all weapons!


8. Trial by Fire

It might just be me but the R-99 doesn’t suit a fiery demeanour too much. While this skin line fits loads of other guns well, other skins look a lot better on this weapon. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still decent, you can’t go wrong with a fiery animation!


7. Break the Enemy

Another slightly arcade skin, one that looks like a nerf gun. That bright purple color does look cool though, especially with the stock animation working shards of blue across it. It says everything when a cool skin like this is only 7th on the list!


6. Eye of the Storm

A bit more suitable than the previous entry, Eye of the Storm gives the R-99 a perfect blue paint job. On the stock, you’ll find a lightning animation which warns enemies of the storm approaching. Of all the weapons this skin line fits on, the R-99 suits it best.


5. Off the Grid

My personal favorite, Off the Grid provides an icey theme to this sub-machine gun. While there is no snow biome on the Apex Legends map, this skin looks so damn awesome with the bright teal color. 


4. The Kill Switch

Being the first Legendary skin on this list, the Kill Switch provides a whole new model for the R-99. That new barrel is pretty awesome, as is the tubing on the side. It’s just missing that little bit extra to stand out and emerge higher on the list!


3. The Problem Solver

Apex Legends desperately needs more post-apocalyptic weapon skins in my opinion. They offer an alternative thematic that players absolutely love. The Problem Solver is a rugged, worn out weapon with plenty of character. Easily one of the best R-99 skins available.


2. Outlands Avalanche

Such a good weapon model, emphasised with a great paint job to boot. That tubing looks far better than the Kill Switch variant. If it just had an even better paint job, like a futuristic one, it’d definitely be first on the list because the model is so good!


1. The Alchemist

Golden weapons are few and far between in Apex Legends. Many skins have golden components, but none embrace the shininess as much as the Alchemist skin. You’ll stand head and shoulders above everyone else, appearance wise. Combining the model of the Problem Silver skin with a black and gold color scheme is epic, and deserves the number 1 spot on this list!


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