Top 10 Best Loot Locations in Apex Legends

Looting up is one of the core features in Apex Legends, surviving to the end of the round isn’t possible without some good loot. Half the battle is knowing where to land, I see so many players relinquish being the jump master. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence or knowledge, but this list will make sure you always want to be the jump master.

Not only is landing in high loot locations important, so is the efficiency in which you can get to said items. Additionally, you don’t want to be vulnerable with such loot, so knowing the details behind each location is also important.

I suggest choosing 2-3 spots of this list, consider each one and look at your own play-style. Do you use terrain to your advantage? Are you a skilled fighter? Each location offers different things to different play-styles.

If you have no idea where the below locations are on the map, take a look at the detailed guide. Taken from the Gamepedia.


10. Cascades

Loot Tier: Normal

You almost always find a fight here, Cascades only contain Normal level loot but there are 3 High tier loot locations nearby. Getting into a fight with normal gear requires more skill on your end, but the rewards are great if you can conquer it. Additionally, there is a base over-looking the small village below. So you can monitor the situation or maintain high ground.


9. Thunderdome

Loot Tier: High

Few people land here, it’s mostly used as a pass-through area as its a bit too out of the way, drop-ships rarely cover it. This makes it a great spot to gear up without any trouble. Search well though, loot is thoroughly scattered throughout. Nearby are 3 normal loot locations to stock up on ammo, meds and attachments.


8. Repulsor Station

Loot Tier: High

With a variety of buildings, Repulsor Station can loot up an entire squad quickly and provide plenty of cover while doing so. So much high ground is available to defend your position if need be.

What I don’t like about this as a landing spot is how far away from the real action it is. Rings tend to be far away too, and there aren’t many avenues into the middle areas with good loot. High tier loot locations to the North-East and South-West aren’t enough!


7. Swamplands

Loot Tier: High

Aesthetically beautiful, the Swamplands contain some High tier loot spread out throughout the buildings.

One of the biggest disadvantages to this loot location is how open it is, moving between buildings can often mean death, especially with the amount of high ground available. If you are confident in your movement, the Swamps might be the perfect choice for you, it’s uncommon for players to land there.


6. Relay

Loot Tier: High

A fairly small High tier loot location, one that oozes juicy loot from the second you land in the middle. Be careful though, if you’re looting the yard, enemies can shoot from the high ground. For a quick loot and go, Relay is one of the best places to land. Positioned in a more discreet area of the map, gearing up is mostly peaceful.


5. Runoff

Loot Tier: High

Full of buildings, high points and pipes, Runoff is never short of action. I tend to avoid it due to that, fights can be misleading with enemies coming from all directions. Instead of landing here, passing through is your better option.


4. The Pit

Loot Tier: High

My personal go-to landing spot. You can land straight in the middle, surrounded by high quality gear and supply stations. This allows you to gear up almost instantly, with many exit paths around you. Located close to two other High loot locations, you can roam to other locations quite easily if your squad need to.

I’ve never once had another squad follow us into there, so it’s always a nice gear-up place with plenty of purple gear!



3. Artillery

Loot Tier: High

Found far North of the map, Artillery is a good destination for your landing. The main loot is situated in the 5 main buildings, which are easy to weave in and out of. Even if multiple squads land here, its not a bizarre free-for-all like most other locations. Most people tend to secure the highest building after gearing up, so be aware of this and act accordingly.


2. Water Treatment

Loot Tier: High

Providing a great balance of loot, buildings, cover and nearby areas, Water Treatment is an excellent landing spot. No wonder players go for it every game, with starting weapons being easily accessible. Be prepared for a fight of course, whichever squad owns Water Treatment has a massive advantage for the rest of the game!


1. Airbase

Loot Tier: High

Every game, the fight for Airbase is huge. Many squads land there, with a plethora of rooms and supply bins available. What’s great about Airbase is the inclusion of a revival station, allowing you to easily revive your friends and get them geared back up after the war has ended.

Going North can take you to another High loot spot but going East through the Bunker is also a good idea.

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