Top 10 Best Landing Spots in BF5 Firestorm

Battlefield 5’s latest battle royale game-mode has really piqued the interest of the gaming community. Almost every new BR game just recycles the same old stuff, yet this one is vastly different. Featuring the largest map in battle royale history, destructive environments and even combat vehicles. Gameplay in Battlefield 5 is exceptional, so carrying it over to battle royale should be amazing.

Unfortunately, quite a lot of Quality-of-Life issues plague Firestorm. The loot system is particularly bizarre, although the developers are working on a fix. It’s clear EA wants Firestorm to be successful, so I imagine all the small issues are ironed out over time.

No doubt you’ve been playing Firestorm, or are thinking of trying it out. Landing in the right place is a huge part of the game, so often you’ll find yourself surrounded by enemy players. Being killed straight after landing is so frustrating.

I’ll be ranking the 10 best landing spots in Battlefield 5’s Firestorm. I’ll be emphasizing their usefulness in landing, gearing up and getting out (or defending yourself) safely!

If you’re not sure where each one is located, see the map below.


10. Nannahavn

 Plenty of houses spread out throughout this area, even multiple players landing here is fine. You’ll almost always be able to find some nice loot. What you do after that is up to you, I like camping in windows to pick off any unsuspecting players.

Multiple high points offer many ways to move on to other areas while retaining cover. I’m not sure how coincidental it is but I’ve found multiple vehicle flare guns here too. 



9. Guderos

Surprisingly under-valued by the majority of Firestorm players. Guderos is more out of the way than other landing spots, with a small island to boot. Since it’s so far away, landing there is relatively quiet most of the time. A lack of houses to loot isn’t great for squads though, so only go for this spot if you’re playing solo!


8. Hansen Farms

A severe lack of cover is the only downside to this landing spot, it’s easy to get picked off while moving through loot buildings. On the other hand, it’s a rather large loot location so it’s possible you can loot up and go without seeing anyone.

Many vehicles are found here, which are needed as its not very close to other high tier loot locations. If you hate death upon landing, Hansen Farms should be your go-to landing spot.


7. Halvdeler

Several small islands are part of this dock, Halvdeler is a safe landing spot full of precious loot. Squads are recommended to land here, securing loot from the islands before moving in-land. After looting up the buildings, a vehicle bay can be found nearby (as you can see in the image).

Such a high level of stuff to find makes it quite a hot-spot. Your aim will need to be true, as you’ll almost certainly run into other players. Thankfully, plenty of cover allows you to escape to another location if you find yourself out-gunned. 


6. Hodstad

One of the more unique landing spots, many of them recycle the same buildings with different high points and layouts. Hodstad has that huge church featured inside, making it an excellent scouting or sniping spot. 

Found far to the North-East of the map, it’s another barely visited landing spot so you can always trust to be safe here. Pretty much the only downside is the natural high points surrounding it. If enemies know you’re there, they can camp with MMGs or sniper rifles on the ridges.


5. Minerva Docks

Full of cover and close combat, Minerva Docks has quickly become a fan favourite landing spot. You can find travel-based vehicles inside, which is helpful since this landing spot is always very close to the firestorm ring.

Variety is key, Minerva Docks has a ton of different buildings and boats to explore. Safely finding loot is easy, as is keeping yourself safe if you prefer a more stealth-based route to victory. There is a large hill behind it, which is useful for scouting or camping as it sees over the entire dock.


4. Friggatind

Another rather large loot location, Friggatind has a number of excellent traits for you to enjoy. Train cars look like they should be ignored but trust me, they can contain anything, even a safe. A nearby warehouse always contains several weapons too.

Two large office buildings do have a lot of loot too, although you need to be careful in them, they attract campers. Other than that, the only reason disadvantage is how far away from other high tier locations it is. Although that could be an upside for you, depending on your play-style.


3. Pluto (Dig Site A)

With the easiest vehicle bay to access by far, Pluto, also known as Dig Site A, can be game-winning if you can liberate it. Of course, many players land here for its rich loot and vehicle bay. You’ll have to avoid it if you dislike conflict soon after landing.

If you do secure all that sweet loot and even the tank, you’ll have easy access to one of the 5 nearby high loot locations. I recommend landing on the upper levels, as there’s a few buildings there and finding a weapon to fire down on those enemies who thought it’d be safe to land right in the middle!


2. Halvoy Dam

Easily the most unique location on the map, Halvoy Dam is an easily defendable, high-loot location. Situated close to 2 other locations that are on this list, it can be a great starting point. The dam itself holds plenty of weaponry, gadgets and medical supplies. You’ll find more ammo and weapons on either side of it. 

Vehicles tend to pass through here often, so make sure you lay down any anti-tank mines you find!


1. Odenberg

Just to make this entry clear, Odenberg is in the top 2 or 3 most popular landing spots. Most of the time, many squads or solo players land here if its available in that round. 

Don’t let this dissuade you though unless you’re extremely passive, the 2 warehouses are full of spread out loot. It takes a few seconds to find a weapon or two. Additionally, the large office building nearby has tons of cover and loot. 

So why is it so great? It’s a mixture of everything. Lots of loot, spread out and easily accessible. Close to 3 other great locations. Engagement ranges vary across all weapon types. Plenty of ways out. All of this combines to make the best landing spot in Battlefield 5’s Firestorm!

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