Top 10 Best Auto Rifles in Destiny 2

Misfit, one of the best auto rifles in Destiny 2
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  1. Avatar John says:

    Cerberus in pvp should be equal to or better than suros on this list. It destroys supers and anything it cones close to. Making it better than hardlight and sweetbusiness by a mile. Suros isn’t bad but for an exotic it’s not too special.

  2. Avatar Cem Memis says:

    Where is Breakneck and Gnawing Hunger?

  3. Avatar Patrick says:

    I’ll take an ether doctor over half of the guns on this list.

  4. Avatar J.C. says:

    No mention of Breakneck? Especially if you add on the Rampage mod to extend the duration of Rampage? This is my “go to” Legendary AR. Monte Carlo gets a nod also, high stability and handling, plus toss in that weapon damage reduced melee cooldown with a chance to fully recharge your melee…awesome perk for Guardian Games and collecting laurels.

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