Top 10 Best Aged Car Models

Over the years, car manufacturers produce a huge amount of different car models. Some of them are terrible and never get any future production. Others though, become a staple among new and old drivers alike. All it takes is one great car model to get a driver’s loyalty for years to come. Models become obsolete over time though, with new gadgets and technologies being produced every year.

Manufacturers know this, so they make sure to upgrade and improve upon successful car models. Some stay true to their bearings, retaining classic appearances with modernising engineering. While others completely re-vamp almost the entire appearance. I’ll go through the 10 best car models that have aged over the years!


10. Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has come into 2019 with a fantastic new image the curves in the bodywork and the new Spacing of the letters have truly made the ford focus stand out more than any other car, although it has been a very difficult list to do, there are many cars who perhaps should of made it on the list but I personally feel these cars just edge the win to be on the list and Ford Focus just about edges the win.


9.Volvo V90

Volvo Praised and renowned for Making solid engines and Quirky cars, have stunned everybody with the new Volvo V90 the Front Grill looks extremely unique and slightly aggressive, and I’ve picked the estate version because old Volvo estates used to have the matchstick look about it at the back of the cars in my opinion, but now they look solid and fierce, but have you seen the price?!


8. BMW 1 Series

The 1 series has always been a 1st choice pick for a lot of younger drivers, well with the new model they have released at the minute, sales will be on fire! Just mentioning the new headlights alone wouldn’t be enough you can just see the extreme difference BMW have made here, the more streamline look polishes off the look, I’m sure BMW will be pleased with the outcome.


7. Audi A3

A top Competitor in the hatchback race, and I personally feel it was falling behind up until recent years where they have shot back with the new model it’s a wonder what else they could possibly do, the interior used to be a tad boring too, but that’s all changed!


6. Skoda Octavia

Skoda’s Top model, the Octavia has proven its self over the years and most taxis you see in Britain at will be Skoda Octavia’s they are extremely reliable but that used to be at a price, ugliness! But that’s all changed now since the new model release, Skoda is now stylish! The interior isn’t too far off the casual sister Volkswagen either.


5. Seat Leon

This car has gone through a major transformation the old grill was like marmite you either hated it or you loved it, well now Seat have managed to shake that up a little, and what a result it is, and a well due one at that, the new headlights look amazing too, a unexpecting change from such a handy little hatchback.


4. Toyota Corolla 2019

the brand-new Toyota Corolla have come back swinging, the old model had seemed to be forgotten about and left in the archives, but it has made a thunderous return with the brand-new model being a fantastic release for Toyota with the great technology inside too this surely would be a fantastic purchase.


3. Peugeot 308

The Peugeot 308 has had a dramatic change to its looks, a all around makeover and all very much for the better, just starting with the inside the futuristic design is that you would expect in a much more expensive car, the front to the car is by far the most noticeable change to the exterior, I can’t wait to see what designs they produce in the future.


2. Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 making a change all around with this new design, the streamline smooth look is looking fantastic for Mazda, I first mistaken it for a Volvo, but surely that isn’t a bad thing, I’m sure the new design will be seen a lot more across our streets.


1. Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage, suddenly everywhere, and for a great reason too, the design of the new version is fantastic it looks like the Korean company will soon if not aren’t already a top competitor in the market and with the Sportage its definitely a top competitor in the SUV world.

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