My Yugioh Tier List

Deck Score

Each duelist gets a score depending on how many decks they have and what tier those decks are. You get 1 point at tier 5, which increased up to 6 points at tier 0.

Ryan: 99





Tier 0

Masked Hero (Ryan)

Ancient Gear (Warren)

Dragon Lord (Andy)

Tier 1

Blue-Eyes  (Ryan)

Red-Eyes (Ryan)

D/D (Ryan)

Magna Warrior (Ryan)

Exodia Ultimate (Ryan)

Fire King (Mike)

Monarch (Ash)

Ancient Gear (Ash)

Ultimate Beat-Down (Ash)

Twilight (Ash)

Gladiator Beast (Ash)

Noble Knights (Prudhoe)

Noble Knights (Warren)

Fairy (Warren)

Batteryman (Ash)

Exodia (Andy)


Tier 2

Exodia Stall (Ryan)

Fiend (Ryan)

Paleozoic (Ryan)

Alien (Ryan)

Spellcaster (Ryan)

Beat-Down (Ryan)

Battlin’ Boxers (Ryan)

Crystal Beast (Ash)

Blue-Eyes (Andy)


Tier 3

Blue-Eyes Ultimate (Ryan)

Warrior (Ryan)

Crystal Beast (Ryan)

Kuriboh (Ryan)

Elemental Hero (Ryan)

Egyptian God/Normal Monster (Ryan)

Performapal (Ryan)


Tier 4

Emma’s Deck

Elemental Hero GX (Ryan)

Rock (Mike)

Lightsworn (Ryan)

Zombie (Ryan)

Dinosaur (Ryan)

Six Samurai (Ryan)

Fire (Ryan)


Tier 5

Remove-from-play (Ryan)

Ancient Gear (Ryan)

Machine (Ryan)

Wind (Ryan)

Ojama (Ryan)

Neo-Spacian (Ryan)

Roid  (Ryan)

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