Top 10 Hardest Yugioh Monsters to Summon

Before the age of summoning multiple 2000+ attack point monsters every turn, Yugioh players required strategies and set-ups to summon their boss monsters. During this time, Konami loved to release epic monsters with considerably strong ATK/DEF and effects. These monsters were by no means easy to summon though, some of them are next to impossible to summon. Here’s a list of the 10 hardest monsters to summon!

Note: Nearly all of these monsters can be summoned by using a card like Soul Charge. However, the list will be determined by how hard they are to summon ‘naturally’ or without other cards.


10. Exodia Necross

Exodia Necross

This infamous card is well known for being awesome (it’s Exodia, how couldn’t it be?!) but it’s way too hard to summon. You need all 5 pieces of Exodia in your graveyard, which is actually quite doable. Then you need to have the correct spell card and this card in your hand. It’s not impossible to summon but you would need to build a deck around it and have a lot of luck. The effect is quite horrendous for the cost so it’s pretty much just a useless card.

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9. Gate Guardian

Gate Guardian

Gate Guardian is a legendary card with tons of history. Players have been dreaming of obtaining a Gate Guardian and fearing facing one ever since it first appeared in the original Yugioh series. The three monsters you need to tribute all require 2 tributes each to summon, unless you special summon them. But still it’s difficult to get all 3 monsters on and have this in your hand, even more so if you expect to have any cards left to protect it.

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8. Majestic Red Dragon

Magestic Red Dragon

To summon this you need a Majestic Dragon which is a level 1 monster with 0 ATK/DEF, a Red Dragon Archfiend which is a level 8 synchro (fairly easy to summon) and another level 1 monster. Getting each of them on isn’t the problem, the problem is that they won’t stay on the field individually until all 3 are on. Majestic Red Dragon is a cool card though, amazing art with a great effect.

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7. Vennominaga, the Deity of Poisonous Snakes


Venom cards are unique and fun to play with a win-condition boss monster. Sounds great doesn’t it? Except it’s exceptionally difficult to summon, nevermind reaching the said win-condition. To summon Vennominaga, you need to activate Rise of the Snake Deity while Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes is on the field. Getting both of the required cards in your hand isn’t that difficult but summoning Vennominon requires 2 tributes and it can’t be summoned by a monster effect.

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6. Armityle the Chaos Phantom

The Sacred Beast cards were kind of the Yugioh GX version of the Egyptian God cards. To summon all of the Sacred Beasts required for Armityle would take 3 face up spell cards, 3 monsters and 3 face up trap cards. To get all 3 of Uria, Hamon and Raviel on the field is a feat unheard of.

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5. VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon

VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon

You will need two fusion monsters on the field to summon this legendary card. Getting one of those fusion monsters is quite easy but once you have one, it’ll take a while to summon the other. By the time you are able to summon the other, your opponent will likely have something ready to stop you from summoning the VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon.

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4. Theinen the Great Sphinx

Image result for theinen the great sphinx

That’s a lot of work for an average card. Getting both Andro Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia on the field is difficult enough but having this in your hand at the time they are both destroyed at the same time? Yeah, good luck with that.

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3. Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth

This card has an extremely powerful effect but to balance it out, it’s insanely difficult to summon. Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth would be a great card to end games as you can attack directly after summoning it for 3600 damage. However, to have 1 Ritual, Fusion, Synchro and XYZ monster from either players’ sides of the field is something you will never see.

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2. Dark Sage

Dark Sage

Dark Sage has a unique summoning method which has been immortalised since Joey & Yugi’s tag duel in the Yugioh original series. At no point would you ever make a deck with both Dark Magician and Time Wizard inside it. If you did, it’d be difficult to get both on the field and the sheer luck required to get the coin toss right is absurd.

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1. Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth

Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth

Although it’s technically possible to summon this monster I would feel comfortable saying it’s realistically impossible. You’ll need to summon a Petit Moth, equip Cocoon of Evolution from your hand and somehow protect a 0 ATK/2000 DEF monster for six of your turns. It’s never ever going to happen unless you build a stall deck but what would be the point? For a 3500 ATK monster with no other effect? Not worth it at all, no one will ever see this summoned against them.

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