Top 10 Facts About Tracer – Overwatch

Tracer is the face of Overwatch and has attracted countless fans. Her charming personality, gameplay and aesthetics are key factors to her popularity. She’s an interesting character with a lot of backstory, some of it tragic while other bits are empowering. She’s a force of good, always looking to do what’s right. Here’s 10 facts about Tracer!




10. Release & Reception

Tracer Cover

Tracer was released with the base game, she quickly became the most popular hero of the Overwatch franchise, due to Blizzard using her as the main promotional material. Her playstyle was well received for being easy to play, high-skillfoor, fun, energetic and with good counterplay.




9. Origins

Tracer Splitstream

How did Tracer end up with overwatch?

She was a pilot for the military for many years, she had been training for her whole life until she finally got her opportunity with Overwatch. She was renowned for her skills, dedication and motivation. What happened next was quite terrible..




8. From Cadet Oxton to Tracer

Tracer Cadet Oxton

Oxton finally got her big break, she was hand selected to test a prototype fighter jet called the Slipstream. But something went wrong during the testing, the new technology resulted in a bug and the jet disappeared, taking Oxton with it. She re-appeared months later, but then disappeared again, this went on several times. She eventually deduced the technology in the jet had warped her, she was stuck between the real world and this ‘other’ world devoid of space and time. Eventually, Winston was able to produce a device called the Chronal Accelerator which would keep Tracer in the present.




7. Sexuality

Tracer with her partner

Tracer is the first LGBT hero in Overwatch, this was revealed during a comic at the Christmas event of 2016. Many Overwatch skeptics had insulted Blizzard for their use of Tracer to ‘lure’ male gamers, so this was a great step in silencing them. Furthermore, it cements Blizzard’s position on ‘alternate’ lifestyles, Overwatch has gone far away from the generic ‘heterosexual white dude heroes’ and now features heroes from all over the globe, with their own lifestyles.




6. Skins

Fan Skin

Tracer has a lot of awesome skins, with her model it’s easy to produce new skins as there isn’t much to work with, her small frame allows work to be completed faster than if it was for a character like McCree. What’s even more amazing is the fan skins such as Magical Girl, White Rabbit & Pixie.




5. Win-Rate

Tracer in a pose

Tracer’s win-rate has historically not been too high, this is mostly because of her squishiness and the fact she’s not had a strong meta. She can be devastating in the right hands but unfortunately, not all the hands that pick her up are the right ones. Players love to play her as she’s really fun but don’t care much about learning how to be effective with her. Because of this, her win-rate is currently at 46.8%.




4. Pick-Rate

Tracer wearing sunglasses

Despite her fun playstyle, she’s not even in the top 10 for most popular Overwatch heroes. She’s currently at 14th which is almost at the middle, no doubt this is due to her win-rate, players wont use a hero that doesn’t win.  She’s currently chosen 4.38% of the time in Normal games and 2.68% of the time in Ranked games. Ouch.




3. Changes


Unbelievably, Tracer hasn’t had a single change other than bug fixes since Overwatch’s release. That’s a remarkable feat as something as simple as a gun dealing 1 more damage than it should do is considered grossly overpowered in the gaming world. For a hero to have literally no balance changes is crazy. Tracer was fine when she was released, fine 6 months later and is fine now. Although of course the meta doesn’t favor her.




2. How is she to play?

Tracer Gameplay

I’ll only speak for myself here but for me, Tracer is the most fun experience I’ve had in a first person shooter for years. Her blinks and recalls make her extremely fast paced, her high fire-rate, low reload speed guns are a blast to use and she’s overall a fun and engaging character. Her HP is low so you really have to keep yourself out of harms way but this only fuels the adrenaline even more. Overall she’s an amazing character with perfect balance, what more is there to say?




1. Pro Play

Tracer Fights

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