Top 10 Best Yugioh Structure Decks

Structure decks are a cost-effective method of getting into Yugioh, they allow you to obtain a reasonably strong deck without emptying your wallet. Purchasing 3 of the same structure deck is the best way to get going, they usually come with a few cards each that are effective in almost any deck.

Weirdly enough, certain cards can be worth more than what you paid for the whole structure deck after a year or two!

Whether you’re just looking to get started in Yugioh or trying to earn a bit of money, structure decks are for you. Choosing the right one is important though, lucky for you there’s a list right here to help you decide!

P.S – A recommended section has been added to each entry with the function of providing single cards you should add to the structure deck. Using all relevant links, you’ll be able to get a deck ready for dueling instantly!


11. Structure Deck: Yugi – Bonus Entry!

Structure Deck: Yugi, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh

Of the most recent structure decks relevant to the original Yugioh characters (Marik & Kaiba), Structure Deck: Yugi is arguably the best overall. You could honestly replace this entry with Kaiba’s structure deck. Marik’s deck is pretty good too, although I’d like to prevent Gravekeeper’s from getting any recognition, god I hate those guys. Yugi’s structure deck gives you plenty of the new Magnet Warrior monsters as well as a couple of great support cards.

You also get a bunch of pretty nice fusion monsters, although they’re more collectible than they are usable!

Card list

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Recommended cards to add:  Delta the Magnet Warrior, Sentry Soldier of Stone, Block Dragon & Number 51: Finisher the Strong Arm


10. Cyber Dragon Revolution

Cyber Dragon Revolution, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh

Be honest, you’ve been longing for a Cyber Dragon deck haven’t you? I don’t blame you, they’re so damn amazing. Something about mechanical dragons is just so appealing, they’re the epitome of awesomeness. On the duel field, you’ll find them enjoyable to use with a number of strategies and cool monsters in your arsenal. Undoubtedly the most fun aspect is the variety of extra deck monsters you can summon, Cyber Dragons have a huge array of big bosses you can slap your opponent with!

Card list

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Recommended cards to add (so many): Overload Fusion, Cyber End Dragon, Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon, Cyber Dragon Infinity, Chimeratech Rampage Dragon, Chimeratech Overdragon & Chimeratech Fortress Dragon (all but Overloard Fusion are available in the Legendary Dragon Decks box but it would be cheaper to buy them individually)


9. Wave of Light

Wave of Light, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh

Do you like stalling? Do you like watching your opponent rage due to you negating everything they do? The Wave of Light structure deck is right up your street!

Based around counter-traps, there’s a card for every situation. I mean that quite literally, there’s nothing you can’t negate. Monster effects, spell/trap activations, not even summons are immune to the power of these fairy cards. It comes with a Solemn Warning which is one of the best trap cards in the game right now!

A huge weakness to Royal Decree does upset this deck’s effectiveness though, which may make you feel like you wasted your money 🙁

Card list

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Recommended cards to add: None! (yet, to be updated soon!)


8. Machine Reactor

Machine Reactor, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh

Ancient Gear monsters are truly a blast to use, the machine type is among the most underwhelming types in the game without the Ancient Gear archetype.  Easily one of the best structure decks available in terms of potential, it comes fully equipped to duel straight out of the box but if you can splash a little more cash, it can become unstoppable (see recommended cards). Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon is crazy strong with plenty of destructive power.

Card list

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Recommended cards to add: Chaos Ancient Gear Giant, Power Bond, Ancient Gear Hunting Hound, Ancient Gear Howitzer, Ancient Gear Reborn


7. Realm of Light

Realm of Light, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh

Another structure deck full of potential, being based around the Lightsworn archetype means you have a lot of cards to choose from. Konami (the creators of Yugioh) have shown extraordinary love for the Lightsworn archetype so if you acquire one or more of these structure decks, you’ll certainly be good for a long time. Additionally, Lightsworns are exceedingly fun to use and decent to play against. Plenty of power with plenty of weaknesses, you’ll have a great time with the Realm of Light structure deck.

Please be aware this set only provides the core and while they are very good, more cards are needed for them to be a real heavy-hitter!

Card list

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Recommended cards to add: Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn, Punishment Dragon & the Twilightsworn cards (Monsters – Jain, Lumina, Lyla, Ryko | Spells/Traps – March of the Dark Brigade, Twilight Cloth, Twilight Eraser & Twilight Twin Dragons)


6. Gates of the Underworld

Gates of the Underworld, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh

Ah the Dark Worlds, introduced in the GX era and continuing to make players rage-quit to this very day. Each turn is a nightmare to watch and their constant discarding is rage-inducing. Reducing costs is their main focus, Dark World Dealings is an example that favors the Dark World player heavily. Such a strategy is really fun to play though, as you have a ton of options available to you, allowing you to approach a turn exactly how you want.

Card list

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Recommended cards to add: Forced Requisition, Tour Guide From the Underworld, Dragged Down Into the Grave & Dark Smog


5. Rise of the True Dragons

Rise of the True Dragons, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh

Released nearly 2 years ago, this structure deck offers amazing value for money in the form of the card Return of the Dragon Lords. To put it into perspective, my friend bought 3 Rise of the True Dragons Structure Decks for £25 when they were released, his 3 copies of Return of the Dragon Lords is now worth £30. Some of the monsters and strategies that come with this deck are really fun to use and surprisingly powerful too.

In the more recent Link format, the true dragons have no problem conforming to the new rules as an extra deck isn’t even needed.

You also get cards such as Breakthrough Skill, Hand Destruction, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Foolish Burial!

Card list

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Recommended cards to add: None!


4. Emperor of Darkness

Emperor of Darkness, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh

Released many months before the previous entry, Monarchs are still one of the highest tier archetypes you can use in Yugioh. Link format hasn’t affected them at all, in fact it’s only helped them as Monarchs revolve around having no cards in their extra deck. With the huge array of support cards available, there really isn’t a situation where Monarchs don’t shine. Capable of protecting their monsters, negating enemy monster’s effects and even tributing enemy monsters, the dominance of Monarchs is understandable!

Card list

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Recommended cards to add: One for One & Vanity’s Fiend


3. Dinosmasher’s Fury

Dinosmasher's Fury, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh

Finally, the dinosaur type is no longer a laughing stock. Too long they sat on the sidelines, too long they remained a joke of a type, now they’re featured as one of the best structure decks in the game. In all fairness, Dinosmasher’s Fury released a ton of new dinosaur cards and support to go with them. Boy were they needed, upgrading the dinosaur type to one that can rival almost any type or archetype in the game.

Not only do you obtain some awesome dinosaur cards, you get plenty of epic cards like Twin Twisters, Unexpected Dai, Ojama Trio, Quaking Mirror Force and Grand Horn of Heaven!

Card list

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Recommended cards to add: None!


2. HERO Strike

HERO STRIKE, one of the best structure decks in Yugioh!

Specifically for Masked HERO Dark Law and Elemental HERO Shadow Mist, the HERO Strike structure deck is insanely good. There’s a reason its one of the most expensive structure decks on the market (for non-collectable reasons). Masked HERO cards will never go out of date, they bring so much to the table and can topple countless strategies of a multitude of decks.

You also get some awesome cards like Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, Honest, Summoner Monk and Pot of Duality!

Card list

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Recommended cards to add: Elemental HERO Blazeman, Dark Bribe, Goblindbergh, Elemental HERO Honest Neos, Masked HERO Acid, Masked HERO Anki & generic rank 4 XYZ monsters

Recommended decklist



1. Lair of Darkness

Lair of Darkness, the best structure deck in Yugioh!

While this structure yet is yet to be released in the TCG, it’s all set to power-creep its way to the top of this list. Konami have introduced so many destroy/return cards to the game that they had to release plenty of supports cards to negate such effects. Now though, tributing is all the rage and if you can tribute your opponent’s monsters, there’s not much they can do in return. Lair of Darkness revolves around this strategy, almost completely reducing the effectiveness of your opponent’s support cards immensely.

Not only this, Lair of Darkness is excellent value for money. You’ll obtain cards such as Foolish Burial Goods, Allure of Darkness, Vanity’s Fiend, Tour Guide From The Underworld and even Relinkuriboh. It’s worth picking up 3 or more of this structure deck, simply due to the insane amount of great cards you get in the set.

Card list

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Recommended cards to add: None. Well, there’s a huge array of decks that can be created by this structure deck. Players are still trying to decide which is the most effective. Will update in the future.

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