Top 10 Best Yugioh Dragon Monsters

Dragon monsters in Yugioh are arguably the most awesome and most popular type in the entire game. Wielded by fan favorite Seto Kaiba, Dragons are forever immortalized and recognized by fans everywhere. There are plenty of amazing Dragons out there, not just their art but their strategies and play-styles. We’re going to go through the 10 best Yugioh dragon monsters in the game, with a twist!

This list will comprise of Dragons that aren’t specific to an archetype. Why? Because otherwise it’d just be the Dragons you already know and love (Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, Stardust, Photon, Hieratic etc). The aim of this list is to inform you of any Dragons you may have overlooked, or maybe Dragons you didn’t even know exist!


10. Alexandrite Dragon

Alexandrite Dragon, Yugioh Dragon type monster

No doubt you have a good 10+ copies of Alexandrite Dragon, it’s one of the oldest cards on the list. With 2000 ATK, Alexandrite Dragon is a great little beat-stick that you can use as cannon fodder. It’s also a Light attribute, so it fits in most Dragon decks as they usually revolve around the Light attribute. As a level 4 monster, it also has uses for summoning Rank 4 XYZ monsters, or contributing towards a Synchro summon.


9. Keeper of the Shrine

Keeper of the Shrine, Yugioh Dragon type monster

So many useful effects, Keeper of the Shrine is a must-have in any Dragon deck. With 2100 DEF, it’s decent as an early defense position monster, it doesn’t matter if it gets destroyed. It can come back quite easily, allowing you to tribute it for a high level Dragon monster. You definitely need at least one Keeper of the Shrine in your deck, it’s one of the best Yugioh Dragon monsters!


8. Dark Armed Dragon

Dark Armed Dragon, Yugioh Dragon type monster

This entry is fairly situational and only works with decks that contain Dark monsters. However, if your deck meets these requirements, it definitely needs to be added in. It doesn’t even need to be in a Dragon deck, it fits Dark decks like a glove. The effect of destroying any card on the field is too great, especially when you realise it’s not even once per turn.


7. Light and Darkness Dragon

Light and Darkness Dragon

Light and Darkness Dragon is an amazing card but it has a few drawbacks, so it only reaches number 7 on the list. It effectively prevents your opponent from doing their full combos although it can hinder you as well. The fact that it nukes your field when it’s destroyed doesn’t help either but, if you play it right, you can minimise this cost.


6. Five-Headed Dragon

Five-Headed Dragon, Yugioh Dragon type monster

One of the highest ATK monsters in the entire game, Five-Headed Dragon is on the list due to its easiness to summon and OTK potential. Polymerization is too unreliable to depend upon, so you’ll want to use Dragon’s Mirror instead. Sure, your opponent can deal with it without a lot of effort, but it’s still one of the best Yugioh Dragon monsters.


5. Kidmodo Dragon

Kidmodo Dragon, Yugioh Dragon type monster

Another must-have for your Dragon deck, Kidmodo Dragon is just too damn good to pass up. If its sent to the graveyard, you get a free Dragon special summon from your hand. You can use Dragon Ravine, Foolish Burial or Dragon Shrine to take advantage of this effect. As its also a level 3 monster, it has its uses when Synchro summoning too.


4. Dark End Dragon

Dark End Dragon, Yugioh Dragon type monster

So many cards have “If this card is destroyed then..” or “this can cannot be destroyed” but Dark End Dragon doesn’t care. At the cost of 500 ATK/DEF, you can send one of your opponent’s monsters to the graveyard. Its attribute is Dark so it doesn’t really fit into Light Dragon decks but like Dark Armed Dragon, it’s perfect for Dark decks.


3. Ultimaya Tzolkin

Ultimaya Tzolkin, Yugioh Dragon type monster

Insanely powerful, Ultimaya Tzolkin is arguably the strongest Dragon monster in the entire game. The reason its in third place is due to its summoning requirements, it’s not exactly easy to pull off. This Dragon can be a game-changer if you do get it on the field though. A little tip would be to use Natural Tune on a normal Dragon you have, such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon.


2. First of the Dragons

First of the Dragons, Yugioh Dragon type monster

Remember Alexandrite Dragon? That Dragon helps a great deal in summoning First of the Dragons. Just two normal monsters are required to make such a powerful Dragon. It’s definitely not in the top three in terms of raw power but with how easy it is to summon, as well as how good it is, makes it a contender for the number 1 spot.


1. Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons

Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons, Yugioh Dragon type monster

Dear god, I wish I had 10 copies of Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons. Unfortunately I’d be looking at splashing £20 for just this one card as its understandably in high demand. Put simply, Beelze is a Dragon like no other, requiring a lot to take down and not going down without a fight. Definitely deserves to be called the best Yugioh Dragon monster!

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