Top 10 Best Yasuo Odyssey Augments – League of Legends

Yasuo retains its status as the most popular champion, with a huge 7% play-rate in Silver alone. Riot were awesome enough to give him a skin for this Odyssey event we’re currently experiencing, giving us a fun option to use in-game.

On his own, Yasuo is pretty epic as you dash around the battlefield, hurling tornados around. He gets even better when augmented though, so much so that a team of 5 Yasuos with decent augments can complete Odyssey Onslaught!

After seeing this list, you’ll know exactly what to choose in Odyssey and not just for power. These augments are the best for both clearing and having fun!


10. Gust

Description: Wind Wall’s width is doubled and its cooldown is reduced.

One of the biggest annoyances in Odyssey is the unexpected ranged spell wipe. Caster monsters and the ball lightning attacks from Kayn can quickly destroy your entire squad. Wind Wall counters this quite heavily though, Yasuo’s W can save a loss if used properly.

Gust seeks to increase the effectiveness in this reagrd, massively increasing Wind Wall’s size while also having it up more often!


9. Chivalrous

Description: Sweeping Blade can be cast on allies and applies Way of the Wanderer’s shield to you both.

Another utility-focused augment, Chivalrous offers an alternative playstyle and not a support one. Using Sweeping Blade on allies is surprisingly good, giving you more options when it comes to engaging or disengaging. The shield can save a team-mate’s life too, definitely consider if you’re doing a run with multiple Yasuos.


8. Horizon

Description: Basics attacks and Steel Tempest gain extra range. Basic attacks reduce cooldowns.

Extra range means more aoe damage, Yasuo excels at cleaning up multitudes of enemies. I’m not 100% sure if this is true but Yasuo’s aoe Q proc while dashing with E, is also increased by this augment. For getting through the early rounds, Horizon is a great augment.


7. Sunder

Description: Your first Critical Strike against a target deals bonus True Damage and slows them.

Awesome for taking down bosses, Sunder can dish out a huge amount of damage, working well with Yasuo’s AoE damage. Initial burst can be key to taking down large groups of enemies, provide the lifestyle to get away as well!


6. Infinity

Description: Steel Tempest heals Yasuo and clears Sweeping Blade’s cooldown from its targets.

Yasuo needs as much help as he can get in terms of sustain, he can be quite squishy which is usually a huge disadvantage in close quarters, mass enemy spawning gamemodes. He has no probelm surviving though and much of this competence is down to Infinity.


5. Flicker


Description: Sweeping Blade becomes a blink with doubled range that applies on-hit effects.

In the Captain or higher difficulties, getting stuck in an unfortunate spot is just a fact of life for Yasuo. Getting out of those situations requires charges of your summoner dash, which aren’t always available. Flicker fixes this by giving you a massive range on your E, working even better when paired with the Chivalrous augment.


4. Growing

Description: Tornadoes grow in size as they travel

This sounds like a small change but it’s actually massive, further increasing the potency of Yasuo’s aoe dps potential. You’ll see in the next 3 augments how it works with other augments for devastating effect. If you don’t have the other augments to go with it, Growing is best being ignored for now.


3. Wandering

Description: Tornadoes deal increased damage and return to Yasuo.

After equipping this augment, tornadoes Yasuo has previously thrown, will return back to him and knock up any enemies on their way back. Combined with Growing, you can knock on and deal a serious amount of damage to a large group of monsters.

Due to his incredible mobility, returning tornadoes can affect plenty of enemies if Yasuo moves in the opposite direction!


2. Windwalker

Description: Last Breath gains extra damage, duration, and range, and can be re-cast on other enemies.

While ulting, Yasuo is life stealing and outputing damage, while taking less himself.

Playing a squad of 5 Yasuos make this particular augment hilarious, you’ll spend a good 10 seconds at least, just knocking enemies up!


1. Tempest

Description: Last Breath makes Yasuo invulnerable and fires two tornadoes per unit hit.

Each of the tornadoes thrown per unit interact with the previous augments in the same way a normal tornado would. Such synergy is like a tactical nuke with how much damage it deals!

With the top 4 augments, you’ll have some of the most fun you’ve ever had in League of Legends. You can spend a entire game dashing around the map, knocking up and ult’ing dozens of bosses. Thankfully this gamemode/content didn’t go to the PBE first or these would have been nerfed by now!

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