Top 10 Best Overwatch Updates Of The Past Year

To celebrate a year since Overwatch’s launch, it’d be a good time to look back on all the changes throughout the year. Blizzard has produced yet another magnificent title, players all over the world are enjoying this masterpiece. Most of the changes have been updates with new content, so we should look back at these content additions. Here’s the 10 best Overwatch updates of the past year!


10. Oasis

Oasis new Overwatch map

Released during January of 2017, Oasis was well received by fans who had been waiting for a new map. The maps are based around the Control Point gamemode and come in three variations. The art is beautiful as always from Blizzard and the layout is really fun to maneuver around.


9. Olympic Event

Olympics Overwatch Event

This event was released during the Olypics in 2016, dubbed the Summer Games. Players were give a ton of new skins, most of which were relevant to the country the hero was from. There was also a new game-mode called Lucioball that came with a new map, however we haven’t seen either of those two since.


8. Year of the Rooster

Year of the Rooster Overwatch Event

To celebrate the Year of the Rooster in Chinese culture, Overwatch produced several       new Asian themed skins for some heroes. A new gamemode was added too, Capture the Flag! This gamemode was so popular that Blizzard released it as a permanent gamemode and added Capture the Flag functionality to other maps too.


7. Uprising

Null Sector Overwatch Event

A piece of PvE content that showed how much Blizzard can do with so little, this event was epic. Pitting a team of 4 players against an army of robots, it was such fun destroying countless mechanical enemies with your hero of choice. Skins came with this event too!


6. Eichenwalde

Eichenwalde New Overwatch Map

One of the most beloved maps in the game today, Eichenwalde was the first map to be released outside of the base game. And what a map it is, absolutely beautiful to behold and play on. Players are calling out for similar releases, Bl1zz4rd pls!


5. Orisa

The new hero, Orisa

A release done right, Orisa is the latest hero to be added to the Overwatch roster. No sketchy teases or ARPGs for players to want to suicide after doing them. Teased, showcased shortly after and then released. Players are still figuring Orisa out but she’s an awesome hero and it’s great to see her in the game.


4. Dr Junkenstein’s Revenge

Junkenstein's Revenge Overwatch Event

The first PvE event we got, Junkenstein’s revenge was, simply put, AMAZING. It was just 4 players guarding a gate from waves of incoming zombie robots. Sounds boring but it was anything but so, players had been playing vs other players since Overwatch’s release and this was a breath of fresh air. It kick started a chain of player reactions to call for more PvE content!


3. Arcade

The Arcade mode browser

At one point, players only had the option of Quick Play, Ranked or AI game-modes to play. This all changed when the Arcade was released, this gave players several new brilliant gamemodes to enjoy. What makes it even better is the reward of Loot Boxes, you can get up to 3 every week!


2. Ana

A screenshot of Ana

The hero that defined the meta ever since her release. Ana is a top quality healer who is a mainstay in any team. When she was released, she was actually dubbed too weak and difficult to play. Blizzard agreed and they buffed her, players then found out how blatantly powerful she is and was broken. She’s received a number of substantial nerfs since but she’s still the best healer in the game.


1. Custom Browser

Overwatch Custom Browser

When it was first released, Overwatch was well worth the money and provided players with 100s of hours of entertainment. Then came the Arcade (for free!) which gave players countless hours of fun. Now there is the custom browser, a feature designed to let players create their own gamemodes. It’s extremely bizarre for this to be free, Blizzard could have charged an extra £10 for it but they didn’t. Now Overwatch is literally impossible to get bored with, there’s so many different game modes it’s unbelievable.


Thank you for making such an awesome game Blizzard ^^

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