My Top 10 Best Yugioh Decks

I’ve played Yugioh for nearly 10 years now, over this time I’ve accumulated a lot of cards through trades and purchases. I have around 40 decks but not all of them are actually viable (looking at you Neo Spacians). I do have a good amount of decent decks though, I’ve made a list of my 10 best!

Please note I play casually with friends, I also do not have a lot of money so obtaining great cards like Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon or Toadally Awesome is impossible. Go easy on the criticism!


10. Warrior Deck

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Warriors are one of my favourite types, there are plenty of Warrior archetypes that are strong (Heroic Champions) but I prefer my own Warrior deck. My version has my favourite Warriors inside it with a high number of equip spell cards. Some Warriors have great effects, such as Amazoness Sage, to help me get rid of my opponent’s cards. Overall it’s a decent deck that performs surprisingly well but it is a cut below my others.


9. Elemental Hero

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My Elemental Hero deck is pretty much just all of my best EHero cards shoved into one deck. It’s by no means viable but it’s one of the most fun decks I have. It can perform really well against top tier decks or completely stumble against low tier decks. The consistency is what is missing but that’s why I love it, plus I have a much better Hero themed deck, as you will see later.


8. Spellcaster Magician

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My Spellcaster Magician deck is in honor of Yugi, my favourite character. Dark Magician in particular is one of my favourite monsters and I’m so happy to have a deck around him. It contains a ton of Spell cards with different combos and effect which makes the deck quite inconsistent but other than that, the deck is quite powerful. It’s capable of summoning high ATK Spellcasters quickly, the only problem is once they’ve gone it can be difficult to recover.


7. Beat-Down

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This deck revolves completely around destroying your opponent’s field with card effects before dealing heavy damage with high ATK low level monsters. There are plenty of defensive options too like Marshmallon, Nimble Momonga and Hyena. These monsters help to summon the King of Beat Downs, the Ancient Gear Golem. This is the deck I let new players or beginners use, there aren’t many combos and the deck is quite simple. Not to mention they usually win with it..


6. Battlin’ Boxer

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Battlin’ Boxers are extremely powerful with few weaknesses. Lead Yoke in particular can single handedly demolish your opponent and if you protect him, he’ll easily win you the duel. My Battlin’ Boxer deck is slightly different, I’ve mixed it with my old Fire Burn deck. This is mostly for fun reasons but it has proven to be quite strong anyway, although I know exactly how much stronger the deck would be if it was fully dedicated to Battlin’ Boxers.


5.  Red-Eyes

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My Red-Eyes deck is very consistent and can summon high level Red-Eyes monsters easily. It’s great to see the Red-Eyes archetype come back to life as Joey Wheeler, the holder of Red-Eyes in the original series, was my 2nd favourite character. The problem with this Red-Eyes deck is that, yes you can summon monsters easily but they don’t have the highest ATK and the opponent can summon something stronger. This is even with Black Metal Dragon. Maybe I need more XYZ monsters? I am happy with the deck anyway, it is difficult to beat even with this weakness.


4. D/D

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This deck taught me that I’m still a long way away from becoming a top duellist. The deck itself is extremely good, likely in my top 2 decks, but I just cannot seem to get it working. I constantly spend ages making one turn, only to realise I missed about 3 key things after I’ve ended the turn. It has so many combos and different ways of approaching a situation. It makes use of Pendulums, Fusions, XYZs and Synchros. It’s by far my most complicated deck and I struggle to use it because of this but I know it’s a good deck.


3. Blue-Eyes/Light Dragon

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My Blue-Eyes/Light Dragon deck is a Dragon deck like no other. I’ve had this deck for many years and my very soul has gone into it. The main strategy is to summon Light Dragons quickly and take out your opponent before they have a chance to react. This works well most of the time, opponent’s simply can’t keep up with the amount of summoning I do and with how much I protect them. It has cards to summon, protect and recycle Light Dragons. I love this deck so much!


2. Exodia Stall

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My Exodia deck has to be the scummiest, sweatiest, most disgustingly dirty deck I have ever seen. It has one tactic and that is to stall until you draw Exodia. It also starves your opponent, preventing them from using their spell/trap & monster zones while reducing their hand size limit. This deck rarely loses, when it does it’s usually in the first couple of turns. If you give my Exodia Stall deck more than 3 turns then it’s already game over!


1. Masked Hero

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I call this my “tournament deck”, I’ve never actually been to a tournament but if I did, I would use this deck. My Masked Hero deck is way, way above every other deck I have. I’ve put my best cards, even my only Raigeki in here. It has just 11 monsters but the rest of the deck is just searching and protecting. You can easily get 1-2 Fusions and/or XYZ monsters on in the same turn. You’ll also have cards to destroy your opponent or negate anything they try to do. Combine this with Heroic Champion – Excalibur and you have an OTK within the first few turns, every single game 🙂

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