Stall Exodia Decklist

Winning a duel with Exodia is one of the greatest feelings in Yugioh. I have my own Exodia deck which does surprisingly well against every deck I face. It has an absurdly high win ratio,┬áit does feel sweaty to use but it’s extremely effective. Here’s my deck list, try not to develop a deep hatred for me after seeing it!


Monsters – 23

1 x Right Arm of the Forbidden One

1 x Right Leg of the Forbidden One

1 x Exodia the Forbidden One

1 x Left Arm of the Forbidden One

1 x Left Leg of the Forbidden One

1 x Gravekeeper’s Guard

1 x Steel Cavalry of Dinon

1 x Scapeghost

1 x Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

1 x Big Eye

1 x Marshmallon

1 x Shocktopus

1 x Aroma Jar

1 x Vortex Trooper

1 x Pandora’s Jewelry Box

1 x Skelengel

1 x Pot of the Forbidden

1 x Lava Golem

1 x Rainbow Kuriboh

1 x Battle Fader

1 x Spirit Reaper

1 x Blizzard Dragon

1 x Silent Wobby


Spells – 10

2 x Magical Mallet

1 x Pot of Duality

1 x Upstart Goblin

1 x Ground Collapse

1 x Level Limit – Area B

1 x Soul Taker

1 x Necrovalley

1 x Swords of Revealing light

1 x Array of Revealing Light


Traps – 7

2 x Memory Loss

1 x Legacy of Yata-Garasu

1 x Counter Gate

1 x Xing Zhen Hu

1 x Gravity Bind

1 x Metal Reflect Slime


Extra Deck – NONE

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