Red-Eyes Decklist

Red-Eyes has received outstanding support cards recently, they’ve gone from useless to extremely powerful with a combination of high attack and effect damage. It’s also a really fun deck to use, who doesn’t like Red-Eyes? Here’s my decklist!



Monsters – 20

3 x Red-Eyes Black Dragon

3 x Masked Dragon

3 x Black Metal Dragon

2 x Red-Eyes Retro Dragon

2 x The Black Stone of Legend

1 x Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon

1 x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

1 x Red-Eyes Archfiend of Lightning

1 x Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon

1 x Kidmodo Dragon

1 x Genesis Dragon

1 x Keeper of the Shrine


Spells – 13

3 x Red-Eyes Insight

2 x Red-Eyes Fusion

2 x Mystical Space Typhoon

1 x Supervise

1 x Dark Core

1 x Cards of the Red Stone

1 x Inferno Fire Blast

1 x Stamping Destruction

1 x Dark Hole


Traps – 10

2 x Fiendish Chain

2 x Red-Eyes Spirit

2 x Return of the Red-Eyes

1 x Mirror Force

1 x Call of the Haunted

1 x Jar of Avarice

1 x Breakthrough Skill


Extra Deck – 10

3 x Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon

3 x Archfiend Black Skull Dragon

1 x Meteor Black Comet Dragon

1 x Number 11: Big Eye

1 x Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon

1 x Wind-Up Zenmaines

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