List and Review of Darkeden Servers

Darkeden was released way back in 1998, at the time it was a huge success in Asia, with spin-off servers reaching the West.

Nowadays its faded into obscurity, few gamers know it even exists but thankfully, there’s a dedicated playerbase all across the world.

Quite a few servers have spawned over the years, many go down quickly but some have been around for a long time. Veteran players love the game so much they create their own servers, I’ve been searching for a decent server for so long.

I’ve playtested multiple servers in the past year, I also remember a ton as I’ve played well over a dozen servers in my time.

Check out this list of active Darkeden servers, giving you everything you need to know if you’re looking to rejoin the game 🙂


GamenGame servers

Avoid like the plague. G&G are a horrific company, with absolutely no customer support and pure pay2win gameplay. Sure, their servers are updated but you really don’t want to support them.

An example is a bug that players abused, so G&G rolled back the server by over a month. This included in-game purchases, players who spent real money were NOT refunded. All they got was a few days of x2 exp.

DK Bloodlines


Date opened: February 2012

Exp-rate: 70x

Version: V2


Has all the problems a V2 server has, quite a lot of content missing. Server seems stable though, haven’t played it enough to comment on progression.

Few players mostly all BR as far as I can tell.

Darkeden Nostalgic

Date opened: April 2018

Exp-Rate: 50x

Version: 6.68


Played it a while now, level 250 vamp with full set etc (IGN: DevlinCr0w)

Decent playerbase, a lot of English speaking players. Server seems to go down occasionally for a minute or 2.

Lots of events, server owner replies to messages quickly which is awesome

Definitely not pay2win which I love. Race balance isn’t very good ATM though, Slayers are easily the best even when outnumbered!

Balance patch coming soon which will hopefully makes things more fair lol overall it’s a great server though!

DK Legend

Date opened: September 2009

Exp-Rate: 1x

Version: Not sure, seems to be fully up to date


For me I got bored taking an hour to level up at lvl 60. Insane grind, might be fun post-JC but I cba. Seems stable with an active community!

DK Dynamite

Date opened: May 2018

Exp-rate: 50x

Version: V2


Very new server, tried it but there was lots of bugs and no content. I’ve seen the admin has added a TON of stuff though as well as bug fixes and server stability. V2 Darkeden is not for me but if it’s a version you enjoy, this server seems great!



Date opened: June 2018

Exp-rate: 120x

Version: ?


Not yet played this server.


Darkeden Genesis

Date opened: July 2009

Exp-rate: ?

Version: ?


Not yet played this server.


Twilight Darkeden


Date opened: Not sure of exact date, at least 10 years old

Exp-rate: 50x

Version: ?


Once a huge server with a massive community. It seems the server went down some time ago and a new (or the same) team is working to get it back. Server says online on the website.

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