Top 10 Best Pathfinder Skins in Apex Legends

Spreading joy throughout the brutal world behind Apex Legends is Pathfinder, a fan favourite for his lovable quips and quotes. This loving robot has a ton of utility, providing zip lines for team-mates and having built-in mobility unlike any other character. No doubt you love playing him and that’s justifiable for how many smiles he provides.

You’ll want to look the part as you’re swinging across the map, skins are a great way to show off your dedication to a legend. So many great skins exist so choosing one can be difficult, so consult the list of the 10 best Pathfinder skins if you need help deciding!


10. Hack the System

You can’t go wrong with Hack the System, providing a relatively small amount of camouflage in certain areas and looking pretty sweet. In addition to the bright green colouring, this skin comes with a green animation that runs over the entire skin.


9. User Friendly

Only Pathfinder gets this unique skin (most other Epic level skins are available to all legends) and I think that should change. While yellow patterns don’t tend to be favoured by players, the pattern itself is awesome as it provides an appearance similar to that of a bee.


8. Neural Net

Blue looks great on robot based characters, Neural Net also has a nice light blue pattern animation. Fitting the robot theme well, it’s arguably the most thematically appropriate Epic skin available. So if you enjoy the immersion side of things, Neural Net is up your street!


7. Daemon Hunter

Offering a more brutal aesthetic choice is the Daemon Hunter skin, turning Pathfinder into a kill-bot of sorts. A blood red colour is paired with clusters of triangles that protrude throughout the skin. If you want to look badass, this will be your go-to.


6. Heat Sync

Heat Sync’s dark orange colour works surprisingly well on Pathfinder, as well as the animated fiery pattern that works its way over his body. Overall, the way it suits Pathfinder makes it the best non-Legendary skin available to him!


5. Model P

Sporting a more rusty look, Model P is perfect for more hands-on types of players. An opportunity was missed here though, a Steampunk Pathfinder skin could use the same colour scheme but have a unique model. Model P is the closest we’ll get to Steampunk though.


4. Aviator

My personal favorite, the Aviator skin looks amazing on Pathfinder with the colour scheme and model working seamlessly together. The light blue colour is particularly cool, fitting the robot legend perfectly.


3. Angel City Pacer

If you don’t want your Pathfinder to look badass and you want to embrace the fun side of Apex Legends, this skin is for you. Angel City Pacer utilises bright colours to produce a race-car type skin, as well as a new model to boot.


2. Quicksilver

While it’s relatively simple, the Quicksilver Pathfinder skin is incredible. Donning a more badass, elite appearance, it fits Pathfinder’s model perfectly to result in one of the best skins available. Shiny chrome skins will always be welcome on robots!


1. Omega Point

Currently only available as  Twitch Prime reward, Omega Point Pathfinder is the rarest skin in the game. Like the Quicksilver skin, the simplicity speaks volume as the colours work so well together. No doubt you won’t be able to obtain it unfortunately, let’s hope they do something with the skin in the future!

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  • March 20, 2020 at 6:26 am

    omega point hurts me cause I had it at a time when every one had it so I stop using it but when I started using pathfinder again I did not have it.


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